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Asleepintheelement 08/09/07 07:24 PM

He lost his admin powers and is totally useless! Whoop whoop!!!!

DarkMan 08/09/07 08:26 PM

a toast to all of us let's just hope he doesn't turn into a boneless cheeky bastard like darth vader was when he runned his big masked fat mouth

RavenX 08/10/07 12:03 AM

Yeah I got the news from PRangerX in a PM. That is the best news I've had all week. That loser can go back to the hell that spawned him. Shall we party my friends? :P


Sweetened Angel 08/10/07 12:09 AM

i am happy too. he very bad karma

drink soda

let get party. *dance*

RavenX 08/10/07 12:17 AM

Yeah! :D I can't wait till Abby gets home.

Sweetened Angel 08/10/07 01:07 AM

oop, we can not have party without her just wait til she come back home. :)

greywolf 08/10/07 05:42 AM

:D This is one wolf who is always up for a Party. (If only I had a Smile for Howling :lol: )

The Eye of Isis 08/10/07 10:31 AM

lol Yeah. This calls for a huge celebration! :P


DarkMan 08/10/07 06:00 PM

most definately time for a celebration now

Asleepintheelement 08/10/07 06:05 PM

You know, why bother... Just because he lost his admin powers he still is a douchebag.

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