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True Blue 01/09/17 05:38 PM

Tommy as Space Blue
If the orginal Turbos became Space Rangers would Tommy have become Space Blue?

Powermaster 01/09/17 05:42 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
I can't see them making Tommy Blue. Andros would have been more or a psuedo mentor who ends up becoming Silver Ranger.

Hexagon Ranger 01/09/17 06:51 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
Its possible PRU wise but real world wise doubtful. I think JDF wanted to leave during Turbo.

No Green Spandex 01/09/17 07:21 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
I agree they never would have gone this route. But this would have been awesome. Tone down Tommy and make him just another Ranger so someone like Andros could get focus. At least Tommy was actually written out before Space. So they weren't tempted to make him Red again.

Digimon Ranger 01/09/17 09:56 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
This would have been the best way to go. As much as I like the Space Rangers. It is interesting to think how Andros would have interacted with the old team.

Megatron 01/09/17 10:09 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
The dynamic would have been totally different with the veterans. Not only did Andros know more than the Space Rangers but was likely a Ranger longer. That wouldn't be the case with the first Turbos. It would be odd for Tommy to be taking orders from Andros. Space actually worked better with the second Turbo Team.

Captain Codfish 01/09/17 10:18 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
It definitely would have been an interesting dynamic. But I don't see it getting to that point either. Space was always going to have a fresher cast. I think JDF would have left after Turbo at the latest.

Ninja Kat 01/09/17 10:29 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
I just can't picture Tommy as Blue. But Kat as Space Pink sounds interesting.

Forever Pink 01/09/17 10:57 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
Tommy could still be cool as Blue. Just like TJ was after being Red.

Crazy Ranger 01/09/17 11:04 PM

Re: Tommy as Space Blue
Why not? Tommy is not better than the whole team. He would step down and let Andros lead if it was for the good of the team and the mission. Tommy was not the leader because he wanted power and glory. He did it because he was asked to.

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