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Pink DinoCharge Ranger 05/24/15 08:30 PM

Power Boards
i have re-launched a site i had taken over for someone i knew quite some time ago, now its not a paid site its a free one but i hope it gets activity just the same. http://powerboardsrevival.jcink.net/index.php

PRangerX 05/24/15 09:25 PM

Re: Power Boards
Cool good luck!

Pink DinoCharge Ranger 05/24/15 09:26 PM

Re: Power Boards

MattEmily 05/25/15 10:01 AM

Re: Power Boards
is this a revival of the powerboards that used to be over at powerboards.tk and was owned by Green Ranger?

Pink DinoCharge Ranger 05/25/15 10:14 AM

Re: Power Boards
yes after he left he had turned it over to me

MattEmily 05/25/15 10:47 AM

Re: Power Boards
were you Titanium there?

Pink DinoCharge Ranger 05/25/15 10:48 AM

Re: Power Boards
yes i was

MattEmily 05/25/15 04:12 PM

Re: Power Boards
wow small world.

Hailey Hartford 05/25/15 05:55 PM

Re: Power Boards
I talked her into bringing it back.

PRangerX 05/25/15 06:12 PM

Re: Power Boards
What was the time frame of the original powerboards? How big was it ?And why did it close?

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