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Default Re: What MMPR prop would you want?

I thought I would update this.

First for ground props including bikes.
Power Blaster, Dragon Dagger, Saba, Power Cannon
Zeo Blaster, Zeo Cannon
Turbo R.A.M, Turbine Laser,
Astro Blaster, Spiral Saber, Lunar Lance, Satellite Stunner, Astro Axe, Star Slinger,
Vortex Blaster, Time Force's V-Cannons,
Storm Striker, Thunder Blaster, Thunderstorm Cannon,
Z-Rex Blaster, Brachio Staff, Drago Sword,
K9 Cannon,
Wolf Warrior's Sword and Shield, Leanbow's Mystic Mode and his weapon, Daggeron's Mystic Mode and his weapon

Shark Cycles
Storm Blaster, Lightning Cruiser,
Galaxy Gliders, Silver Cycle, Galactic Rover,
Capsular Cycle,
Vector Cycles,
Savage Cycles, Wild Force Rider,
Tsunami Cycles, Dragonforce Vehicles,
Raptor Riders,
Shadow ATV
Daggeron's Carpet

Now as for Ranger zord suits and weapons
Dino Megazord, Dino Megazord Power Sword and Mastodon Shield,
Thunder Megazord and Sword,
Tigerzord Warrior Mode and Sword
Shogun Megazord and Saber,
Battle Borgs,
Zeo Megazord and Sword/Saber,
Super Zeo Megazord and Sword/Saber,
Pyramidas Battle Mode,
Ninjor and Sword, Ninjor Battle Mode and Lance also his necessary holster
Auric and Sword,
Artillatron Battle Mode and Cannons,
Rescue Megazord,
Astro Megazord and Saber, Delta Megazord, Astro-Delta Megazord,
Galaxy Megazord, Lights of Orion attachments for both Rangers and Megazord, Defender Torozord and its two weapons,
Lightspeed Megazord and Saber, Supertrain Megazord
Trans-Warp Megazord, Time Shadow Megazord, Q-Rex Megazord,
Predazord with both heads and all weapons, Animus and his arsenal
Storm Megazord, PRNS Thunder Megazord, Samurai Star Megazord and all weapons
Delta Command Megazord
Centaurus Wolf Megazord
Battlefleet Megazord
Rhino Steelzord and weapons,
RPM Ultrazord and weapons,
Claw Battlezord and weapons including all of its various faces,
Bull Megazord and its discs and other weapons and that's it for arsenal.

Now Super Modes and Battlizers
Red Space Battlizer and weapons,
Galaxy's Red Armored Power Ranger and weapons,
Green and Blue Lightspeed Mega Battles and weapons, Trans-Armored Ranger and weapons,
Quantum Mega Battle and weapons, Red Battle Warrior and Saber,
SPD Battlizer (the last mode)
Mystic Battlizer
Sentinel Battlizer and all Battlizer weapons
all of the various Super Modes and their various weapons provided their Super Modes introduced new weapons or upgraded them,

Now in the case of non-arsenal stuff first let's start with the Ranger bases
Command Center control panels
Command Center Plasma Tube
Command Center Viewing Globe
Power Chamber control panels
Power Chamber Plasma Tube
Astro Megaship panels
The Train/Rescue Bay meaning the zord bay where the zords came from during Lightspeed.
The Launching Pad for the Time Ship, Time Flyers, Shadow Winger and Strata Cycle.
The desk that Shadow Ranger sat at as well as the secret panel that came out that revealed the button that would allow him to press it to activate the transformation of the base to Megazord Mode.

Now the Ranger allies.

Alpha 5 himself (original version that we saw in the beginning)

Now the villain lairs.

Finster's Monstermatic
Finster's clay molds (even the ones that he worked on that remained on the table but never did anything with as well as the ones that he threw out)
Chamber of Commands chair
Space Skull chair
Astronema's throne and the Dark Fortress control panels
Skull Cavern's mouth thing where the demons threw their cards into and some of the Demon Cards including Jinxer's Growth Card
The Prison Capsules as well as the miniature versions of the monsters that had been caught by Time Force in 2001.
The Org Master statue (the thing with the yellow eyes) in the Nexus.
Mesogog's island fortress capsules
The Underworld's "The Master" communication spot
The Temple's throne

Goldar's Sword
Scorpina's Stinger
Squatt's bag and anything that he had in it within the series.
Ecliptor and his various forms as well as his various Swords.
Darkonda's Swords.
Darkliptor's Sword.
Deviot and his weapons.
The Ten Terrors and their related weapons.
Morticon's Sword. Koragg's Swords and his Shield.
Calindor's Mystic Mode and his weapon.
Serrator and any of the weapons that he had.
Vrak as well as any of his forms and weapons including the ones that we did not see in Power Rangers.
All of the various foot soldiers including certain ones that were shown in Sentai that we did not see such as the Red Putrids for example... not referring to the foot soldiers in Dairanger or Kakuranger.
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