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Default Digimon Savers: Episode 34 Chat

One word: yipes! Kurata's got hold of Touma's family, and Touma's dad seems on board with the idea! Now Touma's forced to fight his friends just to save his little sister's life!

Man, this one really got to me. Watching Kurata manipulate Touma like that, it hurt to watch. Touma prides himself on his independent thinking, so seeing him have to play second fiddle, to an insane windbag at that, it was stomach-turning.

Pretty cool secret base DATS set up. I knew an organization as dedicated as that wouldn't be beaten by the explosion of one building. And shock of shocks, BantyoLeomon tagged along to give Masaru some words of advice! I love that lion. What's Burst Mode, anyway?

We don't have to wait long, as when the gang starts trashing Gizmon, Touma shows up to take Masaru down in direct combat. Silly Touma, you can't out-punch Masaru. But at the same time, ShineGreymon completely jobbed to MirageGaogamon. You're telling me that pumped-up dinosaur couldn't at least hold an angry foe off without getting hurt?

And of course the most delicious part of the episode, when Masaru's rage gives birth to real evil, and ShineGreymon enters a shadow Burst Mode! Too cool for words. I love Digimon Savers.

ShineGreymon's gonna kick butt next episode! Hurry!
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