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Shadow Ranger
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Default Small Question

I have watched all of MMPR season 1 and 2.
Does the MMPR the movie come after that and serve as a bridge for season 2 and 3?
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Default Re: Small Question

The MMPR movie came out in the summer between Season 2 and 3. It doesn't take place in the main PRU. Since there are several inconsistancies between the movie and the show. Season 3 just continues where season 2 left off. One of the reasons for this is that 20th Century Fox owns the rights to the film. So any props or characters exclusive to it couldn't be used in the show without paying licensing fees. This wasn't true with the Turbo movie. Which does in fact take place in the timeline of the show.
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Default Re: Small Question

I agree that the MMPR Movie doesn't take place in the main universe and there being several inconsistencies is an understatement.

  1. Zordon was in the tube in the movie while in the Command Center, not so in the TV series since the tube was a communication channel.
  2. No Squatt, Baboo or Finster in the movie which wouldn't happen in the TV show.
  3. Ninjazords were different.
  4. Nina Megazord/Megafalconzord used a Sword which it didn't even have in the TV show.
  5. Different intro for the new powers.
  6. Tengus (movie) compared to Tengas (TV) and they were different with their suits as well.
  7. Ninjetti suits compared to the Ninja Ranger suits and they were both different as well.
  8. Different Ranger suits.
  9. Mordant when he doesn't exist in the TV show.
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