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Default Power Rangers Beast Assult

Just for fun I decided to make a pitch for my hypothetical Power Rangers adaptation of Choju Sentai Liveman. I might not make this a real at least not until I do adaptations of the previous Sentai seasons first.

Story: ďThousands of years ago there was an evil space pirate name Captain Dark Star who would go around draining Energeist the life force of planets to maintain his own life so he could live forever.

Not only that but Dark Star, and his minions would abduct the inhabitants of these planets, and work them until their bodies were damaged beyond repair at witch point Dark Starís minions would use their still living brains, and Energest to create hideous bio mechanical monsters for their invasion efforts.

Dark Star, and his minions invade the peaceful planet of Mirinoi, and kidnap three young warriors, and friends Falco, Panthera, and Delfine who befriend the Edenite robot super soldier Gamma 7 who not only helps them escape but also combines the advanced technology of her planet with the animal spirits of Falco, Panthera, and Delfine giving them the power to become Power Rangers Beast Assault. and protect the universe from Captain Dark Star and are later joined by their friends Taurous, and Rhina.Ē


Falco: Kind hearted but serious leader (Red Falcon)

Panthera: Geeky Smart guy (Yellow Lion)

Delfine; Hot headed strong woman (Blue Dolphin)

Taurous: Dim witted but good hearted silly guy (Black Bison)

Rhina; Old rival of Delfineís she learns to put aside their differences (Green Sai)


Gamma 7 (A robot built on the planet Edenoi to*be the perfect soldier she preferred peace instead, and ran*away only to be abducted by Dark Star to be used as a weapon before being rescued by Falco, Panthera, and Delfine, She gave them their powers, and pilots their fortress the Torton (Colon).


Captain Dark Star: An evil space pirate who*steals Energeist from planets so that he himself will become immortal, and enslaves their inhabitants. He also has a habit of shooting down his minionsí suggestions only to give those same ideas himself (Electron Brain)

First Mate Negatron: Dark Starís sycophantic robot sidekick despite this he is a formidable fighter in his own right when he needs to be. He also creates, and enlarges the monsters. (Guardnoid Gash)

Navigator Creepicus: Dark Starís boisterous. and easily angry henchman who relishes any chance to personally fight the Rangers (Beauty Beast Kemp, later Fear Beast Kemp, and Fear Beast Brain)

Mechanica: A haughty and superficially air headed but devious robotic female warrior in Dark Starís crew (Robo Mazenda)

Cabin Boy Zyrox: The strongest, and least intelligent but also the most secretly kind hearted of Dark Starís minions he is later abandoned by Dark Star, and the other minions, and befriended by the Rangers, and Gamma 7 leading him to switch sides (Beastman Oblar)

Lord Minos: A seemingly human cyborg bounty hunter who can create three clones from his own body (Dr. Ashura)

Cabin Boys Zynthor, and Glack; A thin green alien, and a round orange alien both are petty thieves from the planet ZX12-1000 who are abducted by Dark Star, and work for him to preserve their own lives (Guildos, and Butchy)


Beast Assault Megazord :A powerful robot created by Gamma & to help the rangers destroy Dark Starís monsters. it is created by combining the falcon, lion, and dolphin Beast Assault zords (Live Robo)

Beast Defender Megazord: A new Megazord created to help fight Dark Starís monsters when not even the Beast Assault Megazord can stop them it is created from the Bull, and Rhino Beast Assault zords (Live Boxer)

Beast Assault Ultrazord: A seemingly all powerful robot it can destroy all of Dark Starís monsters (Super Live Robo)
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Default Re: Power Rangers Beast Assult

I can't wait to read the stories based on the Sentai series, Liveman.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Beast Assult

Sounds interesting.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Beast Assult

I would read it
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Default Re: Power Rangers Beast Assult

At some point I need to write this but if I did I would have to start with my Power Rangers versions of Goranger-Maskman first.

I am thinking of making this thread, and some of my other pitches one big pitch thread same with making my Morphinverse thread, and the comments thread one big thread.
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