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Default Power Rangers Pirate Treasure

Power Rangers: Pirates Treasure: Black Hearts Curse part 1

Darkness drop from the skies like thunder, the once calm seas were turning. The boats were frozen to the sea, they was no sound, no movement. The crew took up camp either side of the boat peering at their fate. They had been sent in to darkest reaches off the ocean but the caption keep on going, he would not be deterred by a little ice.

They were coming up on a land mass in the centre of the chaos, it was the only thing not frozen. The fear seeped out the crews, the wind picked up like a typhoon. It pushed and pulled on the boat like the gods themselves were fighting the boat.

“Caption on the deck” yelled the crew.

The Shadow of a man grew bigger on the deck; he pulled his blow back hair over his missing eye. His face lite up as the winds in front of him joined together into the space of a person.

“What do you seek?” asked the Winds

“I seek power” reply the Caption with confidence looking to his men for reassurance.

“Then that what you will get” said the Wind as they dispensed back it the sky.

The crew was puzzled, nothing was happening.

“What going one” “Yeah were the powers” “You lead as here for nothing”.

“Wait for it you idiots” reply the Captain to the cries of his crew.

The Thunder began to crack as the rain poured down. The Sky turned red as the rain turned into blood.

“Give me the power of the innocent, of death and of the elements” yelled the Caption into the sky.

Thunder shot into his body turning his skin as black as ash. His missing eye turned red as his body mutated into the dark shadow.

“We give you the element of Darkness” said voices from the sky.

“From now until the end of time you will be Blackheart”.

Hundred Years Later: Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.

The row boats landed on the sandy shores on Treasure Island.

“Where to” asked Higgins looking at an upside down map.

The Gold coated Caption raised his arm from out of his coat but he had no hand, only a hook. His hook pointed in the deep forest.

They scrolled through the tree, as a three man crew. The came to pass of no trees, no plant, nothing only a golden door.

“Let’s open it” said Smithy pulling open the door

“No it’s a tra….” yelled Captain Gold

Smithy began to shake and tremble as feather started piercing out his skin.

“Help him Gold” asked Higgins as a beak grew out of Smithy’s mouth

“There nothing we can do” replied Gold as Smithy stopped shaking.

He was no long a man, he was a bird. He leapt at Gold extending his wings. Gold pulled out his gun with his hook arm and shot the bird in the chest.

“Your shot Smithy” cried Higgins

“If were lucky he’ll wake up in an hour” explained Gold

“You shot him with sleeping powder?” asked Higgins puzzled

“Come on, the trick is to go around the door” explained Gold as they passed around the door.

They were back in the deep forest, until the came to a temple, there was a skeleton standing in front of gateway.

“He looks dead” said Higgins scratching his head

“Don’t count him out yet” explained Gold preparing his hook for battle.

“What is it you want?” asked the Skeleton as skin grew back over him.

“I need the Pirate Treasure morphers, to stop Black Heart” replied Captain Gold.

“You may take then at a cost, you crew will not leave” said the half skeleton man.

“I am sorry, but we need the morphers, I agree” said Gold in a sad tone.

Spikes pierced out off Higgins skin turning him into a giant spike ball.

“You’re going down Gold” said Higgins “You trader”.

The Spike ball leapt on Gold, but he dodged and ran off into the forest with a chest in his hands.

Days later at North shore cove:

“How lame is this” said Ray in boredom.

The three of them sat on the steps of Lucks backyard as hundreds of little kids ran around in front of them.

“At least there having fun” explained Ella hitting her watch to make time go faster.

“I don’t see why I had to go to this party” asked Luck

“Because he’s your brother” replied Ella looking at Luck like he was an idiot.

A pirate walked into the backyard, he look exactly like Captain Gold.

“Oh look it’s a pirate” said Ray as his attention picked up.

“He no real Pirate, just some guy here for the kids and you Ray” explained Ella.

Hours later:

“Thank god that’s over, I need a drink” stated Luck walking up the path out looking the ocean.

“Yeah I could go for some juice right now” said Ella “All I ate for the last hour was fairy bread and diet coke, I hated diet anything”.

“Oh look who it is Ray, Future Mrs. Ray Turner” stated Luck sarcastically as Alexa approached them.

“Hey Ray” said Alexa is a soft voice.

“Hey what’s up” asked Ray as looked around for his friend who had disappeared.

“You want to come to a party I am having at my place tomorrow?” asked Alexa already knowing the answer

“Sure why not” replied Rays “But now I got find my friends”.

Ray ran up to there normal hangout area, the Bearded Pirate Juice bar. He jumped up onto the seat between Luck and Ella.

“So what the deal with her” asked Ella wanting a good answer.

“Just a party tomorrow” replied Ray happier than normal.

“May I ask for some assistance” said a voice directed the group.

“Pirate guy” asked Ray looking into the booth.

“Could you help me?” asked Captain Gold again.


The moved of up the peer to small boat on the peer, it had nothing on it but a chest.

“Would you mined opening the chest?” asked Gold

“Why can’t you do it?” asked Ella rudely

“Because only one pure of heart can open the chest and harness its power” replied Gold “I am Captain Gold and this is what left of the Pirate Empire, one boat”.

“Empire? What are you on about, your not a real Pirate” said Luck with anger.

“Allow me to explain, in the time of pirates one was able to past the task, this was a quest against the element, he won and was give one wish “explained Captain Gold “He was give the power of darkness and became Captain Blackheart”.

“I have heard of him before, so he’s real” asked Ray

“No and where getting out of here, come on Ray” said Ella as they walked off.

“I need to do what’s necessary to save the world, I must activate my pirate crystal” said Gold to himself.

Meanwhile back on the Treasure Island:

A massive ship rose out of the seas and set anchor, thousand as demons pirates all holding anchors and running threw the forest as a black shadow trailing behind.

“Looks like some else has already been here, would you say skeleton” stated Black Heart as shadows from the ground turned into a blade.

“Sir we found these” said the demons pirates throwing out the spike ball and Bird man from behind the bushes.

“Excellent, Gold has activated his crystal, so now I know were he is back to the ship bring the monsters” said Black Heart turning into a shadow.

Back at North Shore Cove:

“Maybe that Pirate was right about this stuff” explained Ray looking at the other for support.

“No way he has no proof of pirates or nothing, he probably a con man wanting money” explained Luck.

“Guys, guys look” said Ella looking around the corner.

“Not now” said Luck in rage that Ray would be so go able.

“Look” yelled Ella.

The looked around the corner to see hundreds as demon pirates attack the people of the city, it was chaos.

“Oh no” said Luck.

To Be Continued………..
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