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Default Contract with the Dragon" Dragon Knight episode 2

I am continuing to like what I have seen. I really like how they have started things out as a mystery and are slowly givening out the answers. The dynamic between Kit and Len is fun to develop. I'm really starting to like the transformation sequences.

I think the Kamen Rider phrase is fine. And I can understand why they don't want to copy PR. Its interesting how Maya can see everything now ( the invisible monsters). I like how Lacy is comic relief but isn't overly done up. They don't go out of their way with kid humor.

I was surprised to see them introduce a third rider. I love how they slowly made you realize he was on the monster's side. I really like the diologue overall. It doesn't feel like they are dumbing it down just because its a kids show. I see we get to see are first true glimpse of Xaviax next week. I can't wait.
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