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Default Something wierd In Super Mega Force Credits

I've started rewatching Super Megaforce, and I noticed something in the credits that I thought was weird.

One of the badguys on Vekar's ship is actually called "Damaras". There's voice credits listed for Vekar, and Levira, and Argus, but the fourth credit is "Voice of Damaras".

Damaras was his name in Gokaiger, wasn't it?

I have a lot of trouble telling Damaras and Argus apart, but this was only the credits for "Blue Saber Saga" (and gosh, that was a bad one). Did Damaras ever actually get an American name in the future? (edit - no, a quick check of the closing credits on "In the Driver's Seat" and yeah, his name is still listed as Damaras). Or did they actually use Damaras on-camera at all? Does anyone remember? Hell, is Argus's name ever actually used?

I'm almost glad to be rewatching, now. I want to know the answers to this.

I just thought it was interesting that it wasn't just "Samurai" where they couldn't be bothered even changing some of the names.
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