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  1. Battle Grid Mode
  2. Battle Begins Part 1 Discussion
  3. The use of Japanese Footage in VR Troopers
  4. Battle Begins Part 2 Discussion
  5. What could have been
  6. The VR Troopers video game.
  7. What would you ask the cast, and crew at a convention?
  8. Kaitlin's Front Page.
  9. The Tone of VR Troopers
  10. How we're Desponda and Despera Sisters?
  11. Was Grimlord originally human or from the virtual world?
  12. Did they overdo the Ryan finding his father stuff?
  13. Jeb
  14. What did you like about VR Troopers?
  15. Which villains did you like better?
  16. Does VR Troopers take place in the same timeline as Power Rangers?
  17. Was it a mistake to have Ryan find his father in the second season?
  18. Which one of Ryan's suits did you like better?
  19. Percy
  20. The Mexican Scene
  21. Was Tyler Steele wrong to groom Ryan to become a Trooper?
  22. Did Tao secretly know?
  23. Jeremy
  24. What would happen to Kaitlin 2 if Kaitlin died?
  25. Using Super Sentai Footage for VR Troopers
  26. Adapting B Fighter into VR Troopers season 3
  27. What if they made a VR Troopers movie?
  28. What Did you think of Kaitlin having a clone in battle?
  29. Would the Ninja Storm Suits have worked well to adapt a VR Troopers season ?
  30. Could the Battle Grid suits from VR Troopers make a good Power Rangers team?
  31. The Families of VR Troopers
  32. The Transmutant
  33. Little things you notice in VR Troopers
  34. Cybertron
  35. Why did you like VR Troopers?
  36. Do you think Ryan, and Kaitlin would have made a good couple?
  37. The Save VR Troopers Campaign
  38. [request]VR Troopers promos
  39. Would you buy DVD box sets for VR Troopers?
  40. Does VR Troopers hold up well today?
  41. How would you have ended VR Troopers?
  42. What do you think about using the Tommy character in VR Troopers?
  43. VR Troopers in Japanese
  44. VR Troopers
  45. Could Ryan's second set of powers been used to create a fourth VR Trooper ?
  46. If Kaitlin 1 died....
  47. VR Troopers Letter Writing Campaign
  48. Did anyone find it unrealiistic that JB wasn't in college?
  49. How would the Troopers have reacted to Ziktor's idenity?
  50. Did Tao Know?
  51. Could a US shot VR Troopers Series be possible?
  52. VR Troopers and Mecha
  53. Ever wanted to see the Troopers helmetless?
  54. Help? Looking for Kaitlin's Uniform
  55. Netflix to stream VR Troopers Episodes
  56. VR Troopers back under Saban Control
  57. How about Saban Brands partnering with Hasbro Network?
  58. A VR Trooper Live Action Movie
  59. What Metal Hero Shows would you have liked to see adapted into VR Troopers
  60. VR Troopers Timeslots
  61. What if Jason, Zack, and Trini had become VR Troopers?
  62. Should VR Troopers have used only one monster per episode?
  63. VR Troopers issue 1
  64. If they made a VR Troopers animated series.
  65. R.I.P. Gardner Baldwin (Grimlord/Ziktor)
  66. Do you think the Troopers should have had codenames?
  67. What if Bioman was the first Power Rangers, and Saban still adapted Metal Hero?
  68. Grimlord's Dark Secret
  69. What are they up to now?
  70. What if there was a Power Rangers/VR Troopers crossover?
  71. VR Troopers Panini stickers
  72. vr trooopers figure trying to get rid of em
  73. Kamen Rider On DVD
  74. Unanswered questions
  75. R.I.P. Richard Rabago (Tao)
  76. We are V.R. (on DVD)
  77. Ryan and Gold Zeo (the 1st)
  78. now on netflix
  79. Would you like to see a Papercutz VR Troopers comic?
  80. The cabin episode in season 2
  81. Would you like to see VR Troopers return if it was possible?
  82. Tommy Oliver in VR Troopers
  83. Would it have lasted longer on Fox Kids?
  84. VR Troopers was more Mature than MMPR
  85. What if we got VR Troopers Season 3 instead of Beetleborgs
  86. Thoughts on VR Troopers
  87. Should have gone longer
  88. The team splitting up
  89. VR not carbon copy of PR
  90. Professor Hart as Gavan
  91. Season 2 is when VR Troopers got good
  92. PR/VR crossover mini-series
  93. Series Finalie
  94. What if Ryan kept his powers and they got a fourth Trooper?
  95. Egypt and VR
  96. The show was missing better mecha
  97. If you could what finisher would you give Kaitlin?
  98. Is Professor Hart Still alive?
  99. Who played Betsy?
  100. How would Disney have done VR Troopers?
  101. VR Troopers in "Legendary Battle"?
  102. Brad Hawkins autographs plus interview
  103. Was Tyler Steele iresponsible?
  104. Should the storyline of it should continue?
  105. Will Saban would make another Metal Hero adaptation?
  106. What if Ryan was secretly a robot himself?
  107. These questions of VR TROOpers and if they found out Ziktor was Grimlord then what?
  108. But really
  109. I mean In Dino Thunder they discovered MErcer / Mesogog but NOT IN VR TROOPERS of Ziktor Grimlord
  110. VR Troopers What If?s
  111. this prototype of Grimlord Action figure and other comments
  112. Crossover episode and other things
  113. VR Troopers The Movie
  114. Battlegrid Suits
  115. Trooper Comics
  116. Kaitlyn's Twin
  117. Ryan and Kaitlyn
  118. VR Troopers is way better than PR