View Full Version : Did they overdo the Ryan finding his father stuff?

01/08/11, 08:33 PM
Do you think that they overplayed Ryan's quest for his father in season 1?
I do admit that there were times when Ryan's monologues we're a stretch with certain episode themes. But I think they did the storyline right. It made season one more interested. And gave the viewers something to watch for. And it gave a purpose to Ryan.

02/23/14, 09:14 PM
I definitely think they overdid it by a lot since it was mentioned in every single episode until he found him.

03/07/14, 11:22 AM
Eh a bit with the "my dad taught me/I miss you dad" at the beginning and end of every episode but I liked it when it was done right like in Searching for Tyler Steele, and Message from Space, or in Defending Dark Heart and Quest for Power.