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01/16/11, 05:57 AM
Just for fun I decided to write a fan made stand alone episode of VR Troopers.

V.R. Troopers
School’s Out
Written by Justin Zhane Best
Directed by Robert Hughes

EXT: Temple in Crossworld City Park

*Ryan is standing in front of the steps*

Ryan (narrating): “When I was a kid my dad once said that there’s no greater power than knowledge, and that you should try to learn at least one new thing a day”

*fade to young Ryan studying while Tyler helps him*

Ryan (narrating): “Like all powers though it was one Grimlord tried to use for evil”

*fade to*

EXT: Underground Voice Daily

*inside Kaitlin is at her desk talking on the phone*

Kaitlin: “Uh huh I see well I’ll be over there soon Mr. McCallahan bye”

*Kaitlin hangs up the phone, just as Percy comes by*

Percy: “Well well Ms. Star what is it today? Toxic waste in Crossworld Lake? A forest fire? A kitty stuck in a tree?”

*just then Woody also comes by*

Woody: “Actually Percy Kaitlin is going to do a story on Crossworld Elementary’s students of the month”

Percy: “Really? Then what about me?

Woody: “All right Percy you’ll be doing a story on this year’s Ms. Crossworld City pageant”

*Percy starts jumping for joy*

Percy: “yes yes finally this is the story I’ve always wanted thank you Woody you’re the best boss I ever had”

*Percy then runs out of the office screaming at the top of his lungs*

Kaitlin: “Did you tell him it was the “little” Ms Crossworld pageant? As in little girls?”

Woody: “Ahh don’t worry about it. He’ll figure it out when he gets there”

01/16/11, 05:58 AM
*cut to*

EXT: Ziktor industries

*inside Karl Ziktor is petting his iguana Julia*

Ziktor: “Ah Julia it seems our little journalist is paying a visit to Crossworld Elementary. Well do I have a lesson for her, and the rest of the VR Troopers”

*ZIktor puts down Julia, and puts his hand on the energy prism as the blinds behind him close*

Ziktor: “Forces of Darkness empower me, Take me back to my Virtual Reality”

*Ziktor transforms into Grimlord, and appears in his Virtual Dark Fortress*

*Grimlord’s minions then praise him*

Grimlord’s minions: “Hail Grimlord master of all reality, Hail Grimlord master of all reality”

*Grimlord: I have a plan to take over Crossworld City once, and for all I shall send a mutant to steal the intelligence from all of Crossworld City’s children, and not even the VR Troopers can stop me*

Oraclon: “I know just the mutant for the task master”

*Oraclon then creates a white, and red mutant dressed like college professor”

Mutant: “Schoolbot here, and class in session, When I’m done the VR Troopers will be in detention permanently”

Grimlord: “See to it that you do because the last thing you’ll want from me is a failing grade now go”

Schoolbot: “Yes sir”

*Schoolbot then teleports out of the Dark Fortress*

01/16/11, 05:59 AM
*Fade to*

INT: Crossworld Elementary

*Kaitlin is walking down the hall as she come up to the middle aged male principal*

Kaitlin: “Hi Mr. McCallahan it’s me Kaitlin Star from the Underground Voice Daily”

Mr McCallahan: “Ah Ms. Star you’re right on time come with me the Auditorium is this way the students, and their parents will be there at around 3:00 so that should give you plenty of time to get ready”

Katilin: “All right let’s get started”

*Kaitlin, and Mr. McCallahan walk by a class room*

*Inside a teacher is giving a lecture on division while the students are reading textbooks except for a young boy who is drawing pictures of giant monsters*

Boy: (monster noises) “I’m gonna get you this time Jarakzllor. Not today Scythorm”

Teacher: “Jimmy Harrison are you hearing a word I’m saying”

Jimmy: (nervously) “Uh yes sir”

Teacher: “Well you’d better Mr. Harrison because we have a math test next week, and if you don’t do well I’m going to have to call your parents.”

*just then the class bell rings*

Teacher: “All right class books down time for recess”

*the students then get up, and leave*

Teacher: “Except for you Mr. Harrison I want you to stay inside, and work on today’s math problems”

Jimmy: “Yes Mr. Billingsley”

*Jimmy then gets back down, and starts working on his schoolwork*

* Mr. Billingsley then walks out but is captured by skugs*

*Schoolbot then takes on Mr. Billingsley’s appearance*

*Cut to*

INT Dark Fortress

Grimlord: “Everything is going according to plan Schoolbot has already infiltrated the school, and soon every child in Crossworld City will be brain drained. Col Icebot report”

*Grimlord then shoots a beam of energy from his hand that becomes a screen on the wall on it is Col Icebot*

Col Icebot: “Master I am just about ready to start the brain draining process”

Doom Master: “I shall send a skug platoon to make sure the troopers don’t find out about our plans”

Grimlord: “Good I don’t want any meddlesome troopers getting in the way of my plans”

01/16/11, 06:01 AM
*cut to*

INT: Crossworld Elementary

*The Students get back to class when Schoolbot in his human disguise shows up*

Schoolbot: “Now kids I want you to pull out your notebooks, and start writing what you learned today”

*the Students do as their told except for Jimmy who goes back to drawing monsters. when they aren’t looking Schoolbot pulls a quill that begins sucking all the knowledge from the students and the kids start having problems with questions they knew the answers to moments ago*

*Just then Jimmy notices the quill but looks back at his drawings before Schoolbot can notice him*

Jimmy: “Ah Mr. Billingsley can I go to the bathroom”

Schoolbot: “Sorry Jimmy but I’m afraid your still going to have to wait until class is over”

*Just then Jimmy thinks of something*

Jimmy: “Oh Mr. Billingsley I finished that math assignment you wanted”

Schoolbot: “All right then”

*Schoolbot then goes up to Jimmy’s desk, picks up his papers, and goes back to his own desk, he then looks at the pages*

Schoolbot: “Huh what the? Jarakzllor? Scythorm? This isn’t what I”

*he then looks up, and notices Jimmy has disappeared*

Schoolbot: “Drats Grimlord’s not gonna like this”

*Jimmy then runs down the halls trying to find someone who will listen*

Jimmy: “Help help my teacher’s a monster help”

*Jimmy runs by the auditorium as Kaitlin is just about finished setting up her equipment*

Kaitlin: “Huh what was that?”

Mr McCallahan: “Oh probably just some kid with a wild imagination”

Kaitlin: “Well I’ll have a talk with him”

*Kaitlin then goes up to Jimmy*

Kaitlin: “Now what’s all this talk about monsters?”

Jimmy: “My teacher he pulled out this weird quill, and it started glowing, and all the other kids started looking like zombies”

Kaitlin: “If I take a look, and there’s nothing there will you go right back to class?”

Jimmy: “Yes mam”

Kaitlin: “All right then”

*Kaitlin, and Jimmy go to Jimmy’s classroom. Kaitlin then looks through the door, and sees Schoolbot holding his quill, and draining the intelligence from the students*

Kaitlin: “All right I believe you go to Mr McCallahan I’ll go for help”

01/16/11, 06:02 AM
*Jimmy nods, and runs off. Kaitlin then runs the other way, and sees some janitors*

Kaitlin: Oh excuse me can you help there’s something going on with the teacher in the classroom back there.

Janitor #1 “Oh sure well help”

*The Janitors then turn into skugs*

Kaitlin: "Oh no skugs"

*a fight breaks out between Kaitlin, and the skugs. The skugs come at her with mops but Kaitlin kicks them away. Kaitlin then backflips out of the way*

Kaitlin: “Come, and get me guys”

*The skugs come after Kaitlin but slip on the floor, and fall. They then get back up, Kaitlin looks at the floor, and gets an idea she fights her way past the skugs to the mop bucket, and dumps it on the ground causing some of the skugs to trip, and fall into each other making them disintegrate. Some other skugs try to leap after her but she runs out of the way causing them to miss, and pile onto each other making them disintegrate*

*cut to*

INT: Dark Fortress

*Grimlord is watching Kaitlin on the monitor*

Grimlord: “She fights well in her reality but let’s see how she does in the Battle Grid”

*Cut to*

INT: The Lab.

*The reality break alarm goes off*

Professor Hart: “Kaitlin Battle Grid alert. Prepare for Battle Grid mode”

*Kaitlin transforms into Battle Grid mode. She then flies through a virtual portal, and lands in the Battle Grid*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “Man these guys don’t quit I know your around here somewhere come on I haven’t got all day”

*The skugs then appear in the Battle Grid*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “All right let’s do this”

*Kaitlin leaps in the air, and when she lands she fights the skugs by kicking them. The skugs then circle Kaitlin*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “All right who wants some?”

*The skugs make hatchets appear in their hands, and come after Kaitlin who just punches them, and sends them into each other causing them to disintegrate. Kaitlin then backflips through the Battle Grid*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “Had enough?”

*Kaitlin punches, and kicks away some more skugs. The skugs then swarm around her*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “Time to finish this up”

*Kaitlin leaps into the air, and kicks some more skugs causing them to knock into each other, and disintegrate. Kaitlin then punches, and kicks the last of the skugs, and knocks them into each other to make them disintegrate*

*Kaitlin then looks around the Battle Grid to make sure there is no more skugs*

Battle Grid Kaitlin: “All right that took care of them now I can get out of here. Grimlord’s definitely up to something. VR Troopers”

*Kaitlin jumps into a white light, transforms back out of Battle Grid mode, and reappears in the school. She then grabs her VT, and tries to contact the other Troopers.

*Cut to*

EXT: Tao’s Dojo

*Inside Ryan, and JB are practicing martial arts when they hear Ryan’s VT go off. They stop practicing, and go to their back packs. Ryan then picks up his VT*

Ryan: “What is it Kaitlin?”

Kaitlin: “You guys something fishy is going on here I was just ambushed by skugs, and I think one of the teachers here is one of Grimlord’s mutants I’ll explain it all at the lab”

*Ryan, and J.B. nod their heads*

Ryan: “We’re on our way”

01/16/11, 06:05 AM
*fade to*

EXT: The lab

*inside the troopers are all grouped together as Kaitlin explains what happened*

Kaitlin: “and that’s when I called you guys”

Ryan: “Professor what’s going on?”

Professor Hart: “It seems Grimlord has sent an intelligence draining mutant on the children of Crossworld Elementary”

J.B.: “Can we stop it?”

Professor Hart: “For now yes but if we don’t stop it in time it could be too late”

*Just then another reality break alarm occurs*

Professor Hart: “Grimlord has just sent several squadrons of Quantum Cruisers, and Grimstars through the reality barrier”

J.B.: “Me and Kaitlin will handle them you get to the school, and find out what’s going on”

Ryan: “All right”

*Ryan runs out of the lab*

J.B.: “Trooper Transform”

J.B., and Kaitlin: “We Are VR”

*J.B., and Kaitlin transform into VR Troopers. They then jump into the Skybase*

*cut to*

INT: Crossworld City Elementary

*Ryan is running down the hallway, he then come across a janitorial closet. He looks inside, and finds the real teacher bound, and gagged, and sets him free*

Mr. Billingsley: “Oh thank you some monster kidnapped me, and took my place”

Ryan; “No Problem just go”

*Just then Schoolbot walks up to Ryan with some skug janitors*

Schoolbot: “Tsk Tsk Mr. Steele I’m afraid I’m gonna have take a grade off for that”

*Schoolbot, and the skugs transform into their true forms, and the skugs then transform into ultra skugs*

Ryan: “Trooper Transform. We are VR”

*Ryan transforms into a VR Trooper. He then leaps into the air but is tied by whips carried by the Vixens. Ryan is able to free himself, and fights off the Vixens. Doom Master then shows up to fight Ryan, and knocks him into Schoolbot. Ryan, and Schoolbot then fight each other*

*Meanwhile J.B., and Kaitlin are in the Skybase fighting Quantum Cruisers. The Quantum Cruisers fire lasers at the Skybase*

VR J.B.: “This outta discourage them”

*J.B. then pushes a button, and fires a missile at the Quantum Cruisers destroying them. They then get a message from Ryan*

VR Ryan: “Hey I could use some help down here what do you say?”

VR Kaitlin: “You got it”

*Kaitlin pushes a button, and fires lasers down on the ground near Doom Master, and the Vixens*

*Ryan then leaps into the air, and fires his laser ray at the ultra skugs, and Schoolbot*

Schoolbot: “All right Trooper enough studying now for a pop quiz in pain”

VR Ryan: “Sorry I’ll have to make it up after class”

*Ryan then leaps after Schoolbot, and the ultra skugs*

Schoolbot: “Get him”

*Ryan fights off the Ultra Skugs, and then fights Schoolbot. Meanwhile grimstars fire on the skybase*

VR Kaitlin: “Oh yeah”

*Kaitlin fires a button, and shoots lasers at the grimstars destroying them. Meanwhile Ryan continues to fight Schoolbot, and then fires lasers at the ultra skugs, vixens, and Doom Master*

01/16/11, 06:06 AM
*cut to*

INT: Dark Fortress

Oraclon: “Schoolbot is in trouble”

Despera: “Escalate to Indigo Sector”

*Schoolbot then leaps into the Indigo Sector*

VR Ryan: “Oh no you don’t V.R. Nitro Cycle”

*The VR Nitro Cycle appears, and Ryan gets on it, and chases Schoolbot into the Indigo Sector. Gargantus then fires upon Ryan*

VR Ryan: VR Shoulder Cannon

*Ryan then blasts Gargantus. Schoolbot then appears*

Schoolbot: “All right trooper time for the final exam”

*Schoolbot then swipes at Ryan then shrinks down, and fights Ryan some more before running off, and leading Ryan down a hall*

VR Ryan: “This exam’s over VR Laser Saber Command”

*Ryan pulls out his Laser Saber. Schoolbot tries to fight him but Ryan destroys his Quill sword, and then finishes Schoolbot off*

VR Ryan: “Class Dismissed”

*Cut to*

INT: Dark Fortress

Grimlord: “The Troopers may have destroyed Schoolbot but I’ll make sure that if there’s one lesson they’ll learn it's that I’ll win in the end to this I swear”

*Grimlord’s hand radiates with red energy*

*Fade to*

INT: Underground Voice Daily

*The Troopers are hanging around Kaitlin’s desk*

Kaitlin: “I just got a call from Mr, McCallahan it seems that Jimmy is starting to improve at his studies, and that he even passed his math exam”

Ryan: “That’s great”

*Just then Percy comes in being chased numerous screaming little girls*

Percy: “For the love of all that is descent will you please be quiet it’s not my fault Suzie won okay”

*Percy breaks down crying while the little girls continue to scream. The troopers find this funny*

*Fade to*

EXT: Temple in Crossworld Park

Ryan (narrating): “The greatest teacher I ever had was you dad, and I hope someday we’ll be together for good”


Well let me know what you think.