View Full Version : Did Tao Know?

04/04/11, 01:04 AM
Did Tao secretly know about the Troopers and their idenities?

I think Tao knew more about the VR Troopers then he let on. I think he secretly new that Ryan and his friends we're the Troopers. He seemed pretty forgiven when they we're under evil spells that caused them to cause trouble. He claimed that the Troopers had much that they didn't know ( when they learned about his secret chamber). Tao was an old friend of Tyler Steele, who may have told Tao about his early work.

04/08/11, 07:19 PM
He also provided the jewel for Ryan's second set of powers. I'd say he knew!

04/09/11, 05:17 PM
I also believe he knew and he hoped that they will find his friend Tyler. Tyler must have spoken to him about it. Especially for the jewel Digi said

04/10/11, 03:14 PM
Well in Cybertron the original version of VR Troopers he was the mentor character, and the Skugs did attack the dojo a lot so probably.

I sometimes like to joke that maybe in The Dojo Plot he secretly saw them talking to the Professor, and saw them transform into Battle Grid mode, and that's how he found out they were the VR Troopers though this is going by production order where The Dojo Plot was episode 6 of the show.

05/20/14, 09:32 AM
I'm sure he likely knew not just because he was one of Tyler's friends but because of all of the attacks that Skugs did there.