View Full Version : If they made a VR Troopers animated series.

08/24/11, 05:30 PM
Hypothetically speaking if they made a VR Troopers animated series how would you want it done?

Me personally I would like to see it in an animation style similar to either Ben 10, and Generator Rex, or the DCAU shows like Batman, Superman, and JLU.

I would like it if it was a reboot of the original story but retooled so they could do stuff they couldn't in the original because of footage or a sequel series about a new team of VR Troopers.

08/28/11, 11:23 AM
Yeah a reboot would probably be best. I would like it to be done like the new Thundercats. In the way it is written and how they tightened up the mythology from the old one. An animated series would actually be a great way to bring the show back. Since you don't have to worry about Toku

09/26/11, 01:36 PM
I like the style of HW:BF5. And I'm not a fan of CG. There's something about cellshaing that I can't help but like.

09/26/11, 06:17 PM
That would be pretty cool come to think about it.

11/30/11, 12:02 AM
i not see jeb in vr trooper anime series

11/30/11, 11:15 AM
Personally I would want it in the style of animation like Superman or the classic Batman cartoons, not the recent Cartoon Network or Kids' WB ones.

Also they wouldn't have to worry about footage issues since they'd be able to do pretty much whatever they wanted including having Grimlord and his crew more active. I've always hated how Grimlord was never that active.

Granted I do see them keeping Jeb the talking dog in cartoon form since they probably think it's funny with a talking dog plus in an animated format you can do more with a talking dog than you can do with a live action dog.

Personally I've always wanted to see a sequence where all 3 Troopers end up fighting against Grimlord and all of his crew and in the process they find out that Grimlord is Ziktor.

The only other differences that I would want is there shouldn't be any need for the Battle Grid Modes since basically they were only there for 2 reasons: to give the stunties a break from wearing the Trooper suits and because it'd be new footage so they would have all 3 fighting together. Also I would want more mecha for all 3 Troopers however they should still make it be a rare thing of them using their mecha, just make it more often used but still not an every episode thing so that it's still different from Power Rangers but it's still almost the same as VR Troopers.

Granted I don't see an animated version ever happening unless Toei does it first and they likely don't want to do that with their Toku lve action shows but I would also want it to be almost a retelling of the live action show, just give it more liberties since they wouldn't have to match footage at all provided the American company did all of the animated work themselves. Also I would want the same actors to return to do their animated voices if possible. The only issue is Grimord/Ziktor since his actor died so who would you see as a good candidate to replace his voice?

11/30/11, 05:45 PM
That's cool.

I don't know I think they would just have to re tool Battle Grid mode like make it some Holodeck, Danger Room type thing.

That or, and this may sound weird just save it for when the Ultra Skugs are introduced as a power up to deal with the Ultra Skugs ala the Ninja Rangers from season 3.

As for mecha that's a good question this may sound weird but I always wanted to see something where the Troopers have their own individual vehicles that combine into a robot.

A robot that's already a robot to begin with, and doesn't transform

And finally a robot that starts off as a carrier spaceship that transforms into a robot,

And their version of the Ultrazord is their individual vehicles form their robot which then docks into the second robot, which then docks into the third robot.

I think a good example would be the spaceships, and robots from Macron 1/Goshogun (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDpQ05q0Xeg), and the spaceships, and robots from SHSSS/Gridman. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhTvflcKbfs)

As for who would play Grimlord I don't know I always thought Clancy Brown would make a good Grimlord

12/01/11, 12:09 AM
or talkiing cat as vr trooper 's mascot in vr trooper anime series