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11/30/14, 12:40 AM
Ryan Steele recruits three teenagers to become VR Troopers to battle Grimlord. Ryan is searching for his son. Who Grimlord took a decade prior.

11/30/14, 01:22 AM
That would be cool.

How about one where Ryan's son is a new VR Trooper in a one off special using footage of Gavan from recent movies, and specials as his VR Trooper form.

Alternatively use the footage of the new Shaider from various recent specials, and movies, and make new versions of the Battle Grid suits for all three Troopers, and make a one off special with that.

12/01/14, 08:57 PM
I always actually thinking of Ryan's son being lost and ending up being one of the villains. With him joining the team later when he turns good. Plus it was supposed to be a parrallel of the original with Ryan using his dad.

I was thinking of the lead Trooper being Tao's Grandson who was like a surragote son to Ryan. Mia would be Chad's daughter and help Ryan run the dojo. The Grandson would dream of being Ryan's partner someday like Ryan did with Tao. There would be two other Troopers. With Ryan's biological son eventually being the fourth.

12/01/14, 09:04 PM
That would be cool maybe if Ryan reunited with his son, and turned him good again we could get a "where are they now" ending where Tao's son or grandson becomes his mentor.

12/02/14, 12:41 PM
I was thinking of using Go-Buster as a source. Since I know A few people have commentted that it would be a good source for a new vr troopers series. Messiah could simply be an exhiled Grimlord.

12/02/14, 12:46 PM
That's tempting I would just hope they at least use some footage from the recent Uchuu Keiji movies like Ryan temporarily becomes his Trooper form to help out the new Troopers.

12/02/14, 12:56 PM
That's an interesting idea but one of the previous Troopers should still be a regular Trooper regardless of whether it's Ryan, Kaitlin or JB. I can see JB being too busy with his new job after he graduated college but Ryan decides to search for his lost son and he gives Kaitlin previous Trooper powers (which is a combination of all of the previous Trooper powers all rolled into one but she still keeps her same suit) which she uses for awhile alongside the new people that both she and Ryan recruit together as a team. Jeb is no longer alive since he was a dog and they don't live for very long to begin with anyway and Professor Hart was killed months after the explosion that destroyed Grimlord's second base but Grimlord and Oraclon still survived but none of the other ones did.
I can see something happening to Kaitlin that causes her to lose her ability to become a Trooper and then she would eventually become a new Trooper with one of the Go-Buster suits.

VR Troopers Fan
12/05/14, 08:32 PM
My idea for a sequel series has Professor Hart find 3 new young adults to become the new VR Troopers to fight a new menage who has replaced the now dead Grimlord.