View Full Version : Power Rangers VR

12/07/14, 09:09 PM
What if Grimlord became too powerful and the VR Troopers connected their powers to the morphing grid? Using the battle grid suits as their new costumes.

12/07/14, 09:56 PM
That would be cool.

Delta Black
03/03/15, 10:38 PM
That would be a good way to continue the show in the PRU. Maybe a season using Gobuster footage?

03/03/15, 10:43 PM
Another idea I had was for the VRU to be its own universe. Grimlord has taken over the VRU and now wanted to conquer the pru. Someone from the VRU escapes and recruits a team of teenagers to become VR Rangers.

03/04/15, 01:08 AM
Those are both interesting ideas.