View Full Version : Was Tyler Steele iresponsible?

12/27/14, 03:42 PM
Was Doctor Steele iresponsible? He made these VR Trooper powers and expected his son and his friends to save the world. He also downloaded his friend's mind into a computer which cheated death and could be interpeted as being an orresponsiboe scientist. Just some stuff to consider here.

12/27/14, 03:46 PM
Yeah, pretty questionable downloading your friends mind into a computer. It sounds like a scientist meddling too much. Also its strange that he expected his son to save the world if he was gone. Thats a lot of responsibility to give to a son. Its bad enough Ryan had to grow up without a father. Even though that part is Grimlord's fault.

Captain Codfish
12/27/14, 03:50 PM
Tyler only made the powers as a last resort if things got bad. .Ryan was the only Steele left with his father gone. So its not like there was anyone else Hart could trust.

Also can't blame a guy for wanting to save his friend Maybe Hart agreed to it if anything ever happened to him.

12/27/14, 03:55 PM
Good question.

With regards to expecting Ryan and his friends to be VR Troopers I still believe that they were just a backup plan in case he couldn't find anyone else to be the VR Troopers.

As for downloading Professor Hart's brain into a computer Hart himself probably consented to it on the grounds he was already "dead", and they still needed somebody to run things in case Tyler couldn't, and who better than a guy who's actually in the computers.

Outer Sailor
12/27/14, 09:28 PM
I think Tao should have been the mentor. Hart felt too cookie cutter to me. He had no personality and was just Zordon clone. Tao was the one that was really guiding thee Troopers anyway.He was very wise and mysterious in a way. He was a strong character who always seemed to know more than he was letting on. I think he would have been perfect.

Starlight Starbrite
12/27/14, 09:31 PM
Ever think Steele made the Trooper powers so his son would have a way to defend himself if Grimlord attacked? With no VR Troopers Grimlord would have conquered reality and made life miserable for Ryan. Tyler waa captured before he could recruit anyone else. Using Ryan eas probably anlast resort.

Sailor Danger
12/27/14, 09:35 PM
Good point. Tyler Steel was a good guy. He was just protecting his son and all of reality. If he had been around he would have had no problem being a Trooper.

I wouldn't have minded Tao as mentor. But Hart didn't bother me. So its not a huge deal for me either way.

Destiny Defeated
12/28/14, 08:34 PM
Tyler Steele should have worked with the goveenment. That way he would have had a good back up plan if something happened to him. If Ryan wanted to join up as an adult it would be one thing. But grooming him for the role as a kid and expecting him to do it is wrong.

Steele should have asked Hart before putting his mind in a computer. I don't think he had the right to make that decison

12/28/14, 10:06 PM
The guy was trying to save the world. He had no time to work with the government. He was taken after the VR powers were made. Ryan was literally the last hope reality had. Are you gonna say that Zordon was wrong to recruit teenagers next?

Galaxy Supreme
12/29/14, 10:21 AM
Tyler was only doing the best he could. I doubt the government would have believed his story anyway. If he had stuck around maybe. But Grimlord kidnapped him and he didn't have the chance.

Delta Black
03/03/15, 10:29 PM
I don't think having Ryan and his friends fight Grimlord was his first option. It was more of a last ditch effort of something happened to Tyler and there was no other choice.