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01/29/02, 11:16 PM
Which of the following is your favorite Villian (or villians) from Power Rangers in Space?

Karone Astro2
01/29/02, 11:42 PM
most entertaing=psycho rangers
most attractive=astronema

01/30/02, 07:39 AM
Psycho Rangers best of the best

Pyro Lion Ranger
01/30/02, 10:55 AM
Same here ShadowForceBlue.

go galactic
02/01/02, 10:12 AM
i loved darkonda he was so sadistic and cool and powerful
i think he was the best when he was darkliptor
the psycho rangers rule!!! they have the coolest armour/costume ever!!!(psycho blue and psycho black and red are the greatest)
i hated the monster forms of psycho rangers and i thought saban was so not creative when they re used psycho monster red on the first episode of lightspeed rescue
astronema sucks just a bitch so desperate she used the ninja turtles
dark specter : just a maligore floating in space

Cross My Line
03/17/02, 11:23 AM
Elgar - because he could make me laugh.
Ecliptor - Evil but loyal. He was a great character.

psychic ranger
10/26/09, 07:51 PM
Psychos and Ecliptor

06/11/12, 03:12 PM
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