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12/26/06, 01:29 PM
Okay everyone. I believe that this forum is long overdue for a rennovation! So, here I want everyone to put in their input to what they think we need. I am offering suggestions such as

~More Topic threads (for more of a general picture, since this isn't emma's official forum anymore)

~New Skin (which I would be very grateful if someone could help me with)


So everyone, put your input here and we will make several decisions to help bring this forum
*back to life
*and a clean, spam free environment

Also, as an ADMIN, I would like to try to promote some people to mods and some of our current mods to Admin stats. Any suggestions on who should get promoted should go here as well.

If you don't feel comfortable with posting your ideas on the forum, PM me about your ideas ASAP. I would like to get some input soon in order to make a decision.

I look forward to reading your input.


01/05/07, 12:44 AM
We might could use an Intro place for when we get new members.

And Maybe since we aren't just about Emma anymore we could have four boards on TV, Movies, Music, and Books and such.

The Eye of Isis
01/05/07, 02:34 AM
Razi you are totally right. We do need a change. Ms. Lahana made herself very clear about not wanting anything to do with this forum. So it needs a brand new direction. Greywolf has a nice idea. Expand things a bit. And as far as admins go. I think RavenX deserves a promotion due to his ablity to handle "certain members" if you know what I mean. And he's sweet. hehe. :lol:


01/05/07, 11:44 AM
I agree aswell. Change is good Razi. :) And thanks Isis the vote of confidence and the compliment. 8) Razi I think greywolf is on to something, too.


01/06/07, 06:54 PM
actually guys i suggested it we need to bring this place back to life

01/06/07, 07:45 PM
actually guys i suggested it we need to bring this place back to life

that is true. you were the one to bring this to my attention and i thank you for that.


01/08/07, 09:05 AM
sorry i wont be able to be around untill this resolved war is completed

01/08/07, 07:02 PM
okay...........so everyone remember that I need some suggestions if we are gonna make some changes.


01/12/07, 10:19 AM
making certain members mods

01/14/07, 12:47 AM
ok, well I made some new threads, let me know what you guys think.

What other changes should be done guys?


01/15/07, 04:25 PM
Well. for starters....a new skin and layout would be nice. I was a member of the Original lahana forums. I joined back in early '05. So this site has so much value and so many memories to me. But, a new name is in order as well. Emma didn't even want this place here in the end. So Keeping this place in her name is only a painful reminder. Change is needed, That's my opinion. If you want to talk more about it Razi you know where to find me buddy. Later.

~the RaVeN~

01/16/07, 05:52 AM
i agree with that!i dont know what to name the forums but thats a great idea Raven.

01/24/07, 10:40 AM
i know the unoffical fan site

and we change the banner to have one picture of each favorate tv anime show of what we watch

01/25/07, 10:01 PM
or, we can change the BG to a power ranger one! or something like that...

I can make a banner if you want, just tell me who of and i can see what i can do!

01/26/07, 11:50 PM
see if u can put different rangers on there

01/27/07, 10:58 AM
from what season?

01/27/07, 02:53 PM
it doesn't matter. maybe if you made a couple different ones, than we can decide which ones we want to be the new header. Just use your good judgement Mel, it doesn't have to be anything specific. :)


01/27/07, 04:44 PM
thats the idea kira it really wouldn't matter what rangers are there after all a banner is a banner but it's how it is made from the heart thats what really counts

The Eye of Isis
01/27/07, 11:10 PM
thats the idea kira it really wouldn't matter what rangers are there after all a banner is a banner but it's how it is made from the heart thats what really counts

Indeed, I'm sure it will be wonderful Mel. :)


01/28/07, 12:17 AM
thankies for your confidence in me!

I will work on them after i get some sleep! its like midnight and i just watched like, 5 episodes of supernatural on my computer.

Night everyone!

i guess i'll try to make about 5 or 6 different ones or so!


01/28/07, 03:37 PM
get some sleep

01/29/07, 10:53 PM
what size do the banners need to be?

01/30/07, 10:36 AM
a banner like yours melanie

01/30/07, 12:20 PM
those are 500x200, i dont think that that would be big enough!

the size of the banner that says Lahana Forums is 756x154

Razi, Raven, Jennifer, what size do you think that they need to be?

02/02/07, 08:01 PM
Okay...I'm not sure if they're really good or not. You decide...if you want some diffrent ones, just tell me and i can do them!

They should be the same size as the Lahana Forums Banner






let me know what you think!

02/02/07, 08:02 PM
if you like a certain style but want something changed, like for instance, a background or text in one, just tell me!

07/04/07, 03:28 PM
well, i believe this:

if we want to bring emma back to this place, we need a total overhaul. I propose new skins (which i can help with), a complete forums wipe (which means all topics, and posts gone, with new forums and subforums) NEW attitudes, and no more fighting, which i propose new rules changes which I add: "Fighting results in ban" Becaue the fighting and the attitudes basically drove this place apart and made emma leave. So I say to hell with all of the stuff now, and to a brand new start. If you guys need help, you can IM me, i posted it up somewhere, if not Raven and Travis has it.

I'll get to work on the skins and post some up.

07/04/07, 06:05 PM
here is one, ill post more later.