View Full Version : When do you think Savers will air in the US?

06/27/06, 08:44 AM
If Digimon Savers is dubbed, when do you think it'll air? My guess is sometime next year, like the fall or something.

06/27/06, 10:06 AM
Well you never know with Digimon. sometimes they get it dubbed by the end of the year. Digimon Frontier aired within six months at the very beggining of August that year.

06/28/06, 08:27 PM
has there even been confirmation that the 5th season will be dubbed?

07/06/06, 08:20 PM
According to an IvC2 news report, the big Digimon product push will come next summer. Of course, that's always subject to change, and it's still uncertain whether or not the anime is included in that push. But with it being the purest way to sell toys, I can't see it not being included on Bandai's marketing strategy.