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Default Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 1

*Gets drawn to an abandon warehouse*

What's happening...to me?

*Winces in pain holding my head*


Walks around the city enjoying a nice day.

*Flashes of green lightening and I transforms back into psycho green*

Not again i have got to check it out.

Ah thats better....and close call

*Chuckles* (don't need anybody finding out my secret Says to self).

*Goes back to work trying to figure out how to unlock the black box*

Gets there sees him This isn't good i have to get the black box back.

*Senses someone there*

Hahaha red ranger....I know your there....come out from hiding.

Walks out and stands there.

*Continues to work on the black box with my back turn against you*

I'm so glad you can join me.

You will never get that to work.

Oh really....


I Know I need a samurai ranger to unlock it for me.

*Looks at you*

I would never help you unlock it ever.

I'm afraid you wouldn't have a choice red ranger....


You wouldn't want anything to happen your brother....

I protect the earth and everyone from evil i will not let you hurt him or anyone when i'm here.

Well I'm afraid it's to late.

*Projects a visual showing you he's already trapped*

Now red ranger do as you told or the gold one is next....

You might have my brother but there is one ranger i will never let you hurt and that's Antonio you touch him i destroy you.

Then I guess you will do as you're told huh.


Even if i do which i don't want to be forced to do anything you tell me you will still hurt him.

Comes in what are you doing you leave my team alone before i kill you.

*Em gets there*

I should've taken you alone for taking the black box.

Guys what's going on.

Not now Mia I'm gonna teach this creep a lesson for taking the black box.

Em don't do anything we don't know what he is going to do we have to wait.

Calls Kev

It's me how far are you from the city cause we need you here now.

-Kevin answers.

I'm just getting back at the house, what's going on?.

Well psch green showed up again with the black box.

Where are you?.

Where the abandoned warehouse is i asked Em what was going on she won't tell me.

I'm on my way.

Stands there watching and waiting.

Kevin arrives.

I asked and they won't tell me anything when i asked what is going on.


Yeah i know.

What is up with them.

They want the black box back but when i asked em she's like not now Mia.




Not your fault aren't we missing a ranger i mean besides Antonio.

Who are we missing.

I don't see Lauren anywhere even when i came here.

She might have gone after him.

Hmm you don't think she found him and he has her do you.

I don't know.

I hope not cause the only one who can unlock it is a samurai ranger.


You don't think he's gonna make her unlock it do you.


Knowing Lauren she won't do it.

We better hurry.

If he forces her to unlock it and she has it in her hand she can throw it to one of us but no telling what could happen if he has it.

Let's make sure that doesn't happen.

Yeah i know she won't even if he forces her to she's strong i think shes worried about us more than herself right now she's trying to protect us.


I hope we get there before that happens.

Me too.

Looks at you

I won't let you hurt my team either i don't care what you do to/with me or how bad i end up i will protect them from you as well no matter what they are my number 1 priority i am their leader i would never let you hurt them or unlock the black box.

*Em calls Lauren*

Lauren where are you, Kevin and Mia are at the warehouse looking for you please tell me where you are I'm going to make sure he doesn't get to open that black box and for attacking Mike alone.

Mike morphs

Go Go Samurai samurai ranger ready sees psy green

Well red ranger....

*Senses the green ranger is near*

Green ranger....I'm so glad to have you.


Even if you hurt them i'm still not unlocking it for you.

Red ranger we will finish this later we have guest

*Shoots out a green beam trapping you*

Now let me attend to the phoney green....


Your the phony not him.

We going to have to see about that after I destroy him.


*Relaxing at the Pier fishing*

Tries getting out of the green beam but can't just lays there.

I swear he's dead when i get out of here.

*Em shows up and stands in front of Mike*

I'm not letting you hurt him, you have to go through me to get to him.

*Pulls out my spin sword*

*Sees the yellow ranger*

Yellow ranger....don't worry about me....what you should be worry about is your red ranger.


Still standing there trying to break free but can't.

What are you talking about she can handle herself , you think you can destroy him not til you go through me.

Looks at him

Wait what are you talking about Em i know your worried about Mike but why did you say Lauren can handle herself seems like you only care about Mike Kev wanna come with me to get Antonio cause you know when he fishes he has his headphones on and can't hear his samuraizer go off.

Of course, We should hurry.

Yeah i can't believe Em said that it's like she only cares about Mike what happens when he goes back and forces her to unlock the black box what will he do to her once it's unlocked.

I don't want to think about it.

I don't either let's go get Antonio i don't know why he has to fish when he knows there is trouble.

Still trying to free myself but can't to myself

I hope they can get Antonio and bring him here before he comes back and forces me to unlock the black box.

Cause she can she can get herself out of that jar using her mind since she's smart, go get Antonio and hurry back cause I won't be here to help,

*Looks at him*

Umm how bout I show you how to open the black box if you leave green ranger alone and wait til the others get here.

Em he isn't going to he already has Lauren he's gonna get her to unlock it for him after all Jay did give her the discs and the black box you know he isn't going to leave Mike alone even if he unlocks it he's still going to destroy us but knowing Lauren the black box might be with her there Antonio is the one who can free her but the rest of us have to keep him busy so he can find her you love Mike then help him with psych green til we come back then we all take him.

Just go find Antonio.

Kev let's go him and tell him what's going on so he knows.


Runs to get Antonio.

Follows behind you.

Heads to the docks.

Walks next to you.

Looks at Mia while we walk.

Let's hope he can get to her while we handle psych green.


I don't understand why Em only cares about Mike that's all she thinks about.

Don't know.

I know Lauren is leader but she isn't here your second in command which means we follow you.

If need be, yes.

Which means you get to tell us what do do but let's get him first.


Do you see him anywhere.

No, you?.

I see his cart he's always in the same spot yes right over there.

Let's go.

Ok Holds your hand and walks over.

Holds yours as we walk.

Let's hope he takes his headphones off so we can tell him.

If not then just jump him.

Ok will that work.

Let's hope so.

Yeah but if that doesn't work then what.

We'll have to think of something.

Yeah would be weird if we were morphed wouldn't it.


Let's try to get his attention first then go from there.


How do we get his attention.

How did we before.

I know one way i can try.

Try it.

Ok .

Walks over to him taps him on the shoulder but tries calling his name.

Antonio we need to tell you something.

Looks at Kev.

Can you try something cause he can't hear me.

Try pulling his headphones off.

Ok Puts my hands on his headphones and pulls them off his ears.

*Emily was still waiting for Chad Psy to make the first move*

Well I'm waiting.

*At the Pier fishing while listening to music in my headphones*


Yellow ranger I'm not going to tell you again.....stand aside and let me and that poser settle things once and for all.

Still standing there trying to free myself.

I hope they get him here i can't stay like this any longer.

I just hope Lauren can hold on just a while longer or can't.

Poser he's not a poser and I'm not moving so leave and release the red ranger.

I'm here it's morphin time Go Go Samurai Green samurai ranger.

*Sees Mike*

I wouldn't he just wants to hurt you calling you a poser.

I will handle this fake.

Green ranger....me you once and for all

*Uses my psycho speed to zip over to the green ranger grabbing him*

Ha ha ha your coming with me.

*Teleports to a different dimension*

*Em just stands there shocked*


*Em walks back to the Shiba House and locks herself in her room*

Walks home and knocks on her door.

Go away Mia.

*Em lays there crying*

We will get him back he needs to fight him so he can come back.

That's the problem I just stood there I couldn't move.

Like you were frozen.

Yeah I couldn't help him, since Chad said it was just them to fight so it's my fault he's gone.

*Breaks a mirror*

Em he will come back he justs has to find a way to defeat him so he can get out of the dimension.

What if he doesn't what am I gonna do.

*Sits down*

He will every ranger that ended up in a dimension always got out.

I should've done something and it's only you and me no one else what do we do I can't wait I want to go find them.

He's gotta do this himself and teach that poser a lesson trust Mike he knows what he's doing.

I know I just can't sit here and do nothing.

Mike in the dimension looks around,

Where am I, what am I doing here.

There has to be a way cause your going cray-cray.

Yeah but I don't know what to do, can we go shopping for walking.

You love shopping.

Yeah let's go shopping.

Ok it will get your mind off things.

I hope so.

You can buy him something too.

I don't know what to get him.

What do you think he would like.

I don't know something skateboard related.

That works.

Yeah maybe a new skateboard.


Mhm so shall we see if they have any.

They should.

He needs a new skateboard and helmet.

Yup and i can get him a new suit and you a new dress.

I think were good on clothes get Kevin something.

What would he like.

A new shirt or a blue suit.

Have you ever seen him in a suit.

No but if you guys get married or Ant and Lauren than he'll have to wear one.

Your right.

Yup so let's get him a blue suit.



I could buy him both.


Will he like both.

Of course if there from you.

I never bought anything for him before.

It will be a first.

I know i remember Mike couldn't skate.



Thanks Mia.


*Hugs her*

Hugs you back.

*Sighs as we go shopping*

He will be ok he's strong remember.

I know.

Let's go by them something and some new clothes.


You can also get him something special.

I don't know about that just yet.

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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 2

(in the alternate dimension with the green ranger)

Hello poser...welcome to my dimension where you will soon be defeated and be banish to this dimension.


And once you be defeated my psycho family will rule the earth.

*Reveals the other psycho rangers to you*

*Em and Mia were shopping but Em just wished she helped Mike than he'd be with them, she's gonna go after Chad herself and get him back*

I like to see you try.

Mia do you think his Samuraizer works.

I'm not sure i hope so cause he never goes anywhere without it.

*Pulls out my Samuraizer and calls him*

Mike can you hear me, Mike please answer.

Come on pshy i'm ready for you.

Em I know Antonio can help but he doesn't know that Lauren is in trouble or anything that is going on.

Go get Antonio and fill him in while I keep trying Mike.

Keep trying Em.

Leaves to go find Antonio.

Mike please answer, are you alright I miss you, I need you, this is my fault you were taken, I stood there frozen and couldn't move, come back to me.

*Breaks down in tears*

Uses my Samuraizer breaks through go to the mall sees Em.

That won't be happening green ranger...the only way out of here is by beating me.


And you have no way of contacting your precious team.

*Laughs some more*

So come on green ranger lets finish this once and for all....

*Em breaks down in tears and calls Mia*

Mia I can't contact him it's like his Samuraizer isn't working.

Go Go samurai morphs.

Thats more like it.

*Gets ready*

Your move green boy...

Hits him.

Em don't worry come with me to get Antonio he can try to get Mike back along with Lauren's help but he doesn't know she's missing or the black box.

I want to get him back by myself I want Chad no one takes my ranger and tries to destroy him, all I am is a klutz and not strong to stop him.

*Cries more*

*Stumbles back*

Ha ha ha is that all you got.

*Summons my version of your forest spear*

Psycho spear.

*Counter strikes you*

Takes the hit as i do the same to you slashing you in the arm hard.

*Is at the docks fishing and listening to my music through my headphones*

*We walk to the docks and I just stand there as I cry silently*

Go talk to him.


*stumbles on the ground*

Your a formally good opponent but I'm better.

*Psycho speed streaks pass you back and forth hitting you each time*

Takes it then strikes you slashing you hard.



Thats a nice try...but are you missing something

*Waves your spin disk while laughing*

*Sitting at the dock while enjoying what I thought was a good off from duty*

Come on Em the faster we get Antonio the faster we get Mike back.

I'll stay here.

*Sits down and cries more*

Em i need you to help me he doesn't know what's going on.

Just yank his head phones off his head or tap him.

Give it back

Kicks it out of his hands puts it on my sword slashes him as he blew up.

Walks over to him taps him on the shoulder.

*The disk flies out of my hand into the air causing the disk to multiply*

See what you done green ranger....


Now you better choose wisely before I charge up my spear for my dark forest vortex....

*Turns around and take off my headphones*

Oh hey Mia whats up.

Grabs the one mentor gave me.

Spin sword slashes him.

*Sees Ant and thinks of how Mike is and if he's hurt as I cry more silently*

Em is with me psycho green has mike trapped in his dimension we need to get him back psycho green took the black box and Lauren went to get it back now she's missing and probably has the black box with her.

Now are you sure thats the one you want.

*The other psycho rangers start to laugh echoing through the dimension*

Lets end this powers its up.

*Tries calling Mike again*

What? we have to do something...

*Runs off to go find Lauren*

Where was she last seen....

Mia, we have to find him I'm still not getting an answer I need to help him, Ant she was last seen in the city with Mike and Chad.

*Stands there*

I wouldn't green ranger...or you will regret it.

The abandoned warehouse.

Em i love you.

Runs at him slashing him hard.

I want to find Mike before he does something stupid Ant help find a portal.

Ok I'm on it.

*Continues to run towards the abandoned warehouse*

*Pulls out my Samuraizer and morphs*

Go Go Samurai,

*Runs to the warehouse following Ant*

*I disappear putting Lauren in my place causing you to hit the red ranger*

Ha ha ha I told you green ranger.

*Laughs as the dimension fades away putting you back in reality*

Goes down demorphing.

Antonio we should hurry to the warehouse Lauren could be there.

*Laughs as I fade away*

We will meet again green ranger...

oh yeah here.

*Tosses you the black box*

I have what I want from it...


Yeah I know...wish I knew that symbol power that Jay used to teleport us.

Looks as i'm barely alive.

Wait a minute guys.

*Stops and powers down*

What is it Mia.

What Mia.

I think Mike is back and Lauren is with him and so is the black box.

Lets get there and check on Mike and Lauren but I have a bad feeling.

I can't you guys go ahead I need to head back to the house.

*Looks at them and runs back to the house in tears*

*Continues to run*

I think i know that bad feeling it has something to do with the black box but the only way he could open it is you don't think he forced her to unlock it do you.

*Back at the Shiba House I run into our room and cry*

No its not that....

*Stops and sees Mike standing over top of Lauren*

Wait a sec...what is Mike doing.

I don't know let's go find out.

Looks as i fall.


*Runs over to Lauren*

Mike what happened.

*Drops down to Lauren and cradles her in tears*

Mike are you ok.

I don't know i was passed out.

What happen to Lauren and where is the green psycho ranger.

How did Lauren end up with you.

My eyes close.

I don't know how but I'm glad to see she's back with us but at what cost.

Lets get her back to the house.

*Em still in the house in her room crying but soon falls asleep*

I think i know Helps Mike back to shiba house to.

*Carries Lauren back to the house*

Em will be happy he's back but i think he took something from the black box.

I have to check it out when we get inside.

In my sleep Em i love you.

The only way he could have gotten something from it was if he forced her to unlock it.

*Lays Lauren down in her bed*

You rest hun and let us take it from here...let me see the black box.

Hands you the black box.

*Takes it and looks at it*

I know what he took don't know how he could of got it but I know what he took.

*Emily wakes up and heads for the window and jumps out landing on her butt and twisting her ankle as tears fall*

What did he take from it the only way is if he unlocked it.

No worse.... the box is still locked but its useless.

I know Jay gave Lauren the black box she's gonna blame herself.

*Em outside whispers*

I'm sorry Mike I'm not helpful, I couldn't help I froze.

*Throws her Samuraizer on their bed breaking her glass snow globe and holds her ape folding zord*

She's not to blame...he couldn't get her to unlock it so he can use it against us but he stole the codes out of it.

If he took the codes why did he keep her.

Because without the codes I had to put into it its useless so he doesn't need her but I am wondering how she get injured if she wasn't in battle.

Maybe he put her in his place and Mike accidently hit her.

I sure hope not....Mike can you come in here.

Mike grabbed Emily's hand.

He's with Em.

Gets up and walks out of my room.

Oh ok I let him be then....but I can't believe psycho green stole the codes and had Mike if this is what truly happened why take out Lauren.

He had mike cause he was posing as him but he always wants to fight him so he can take over earth i'm sure he will tell you when he comes back in with Em Lauren is leader and Jay gave her the box with the discs and the black box before he left he can use the codes from the black box how can we go super mode without it.

Walks out of Shiba house and goes for a long walk trying to find psych green and get the codes back I hope i'm not to late Wincing in pain.

*Sees him and looks down*

Let me go why can't I sit here and cry it's my fault you got hurt and taken I froze I couldn't help I'm not a good ranger, Ant needs you go talk to him.

*I try to get up and falls back into you holding my ankle*

Easy babe.

*Cries in your arms*

Can you carry me inside and talk to Ant while Mia and I head into the kitchen.

Keeps looking for him He has to be here somewhere but where could he be.

Carries Em inside.

Ok Antionio whats wrong.

*I sit down with Mia as she wraps my ankle*

Maybe we should let them talk how bout we make a snack or something.

*Em gets up and hops into the kitchen by holding onto the wall*

Looks at him.

*Makes it to the kitchen and goes to sit and almost misses the chair*

Em careful.

I'm fine Mia, I'm not a child, has anyone seen Lauren I haven't heard her I hope she's ok, so what should we make.

She went for a walk to clear her head like she always does anything.

Alright get me the fruit and a bowl and you can make the lemonade, not to be mean but how bout either me or Ant cook dinner tonight, your cooking can be a little over cooked.

Antonio is a great cook.

Gets the bowl and fruit and hands them to you makes the lemonade.

*I cut up all the fruit and put it in the bowl and peel the banana and cut it up as well as the apple, pear and grapes and mixes it together*

All done.

I don't know.

*I get up and hop over to the cabinet and pull out some bowls and cups and set them down*

We will find out soon.

*Sits down*

Mike what exactly happen out there? how did Lauren get hurt?.

*Looks at Mia*

Umm are you sure we should be listening, I mean I know Mike wouldn't hurt Lauren.

I know it was an accident Chad switched places.

I hope Ant knows that he wouldn't hurt her.

*Looks down*

Mia don't tell him where I am I just need some air.

I don't remember.

I know I just hope he remembers that Chad switched places with him and he accidenatlly hurt her.

She shouldn't be moving.

Is he talking about you or Lauren.


*Looks at them*

Lauren got hurt to and she went for a walk i bet she's still hurting.

Probably so have Mike tell Ant what happened.

*Hops out of the kitchen out the back door and picks up a stick and trains*

You don't remember huh...Mike...buddy tell me the truth I can take it....what happen out there? I heard you were in some alternate dimension...so what happen exactly in there?.

Still looking for him I know your here somewhere i will get those codes back no matter what happens to me Tries not to wince in pain.

I think I remember I was fighting Chad Psy, and he released Lauren and I went to blast him and he put Lauren in his place it was an accident.

*Looks away upset*

I suppose it wasn't your fault....that psycho can be tricky I guess...

*Walks back to Lauren's room and walks back out*

Did anybody see Lauren leave?.

No i was with you and Mike was with Em.

Oh no...I have a feeling I know what she's doing.

*Looks away upset*

Don't tell me she's looking for him.


I'm afraid so...

What is she thinking going after him by herself when she's hurt.

We have to find her before she gets hurt any worse.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 3

(Back in my own dimension I'm creating a device to channel the black box codes so I can use)

*Summons the fallen psycho rangers before me*

Psycho red: You called for us.

Me: Yes soon we will have our day of triumph and revenge.


Psycho black: Wait what is it in it for me...if you have the green ranger then who am I going to get.

Me: Psycho black there is a 6th ranger and he's all yours..not to mention he's the red ranger's weakness...you get him you get the red ranger while she's vulnerable.

Psycho black: Lets do this then...

*Laughs while activating the machine*

*Leaves to go find Lauren*

*Back at the Shiba House, Emily was outside training hard with her foot up in the air keeping her balance and concentrating*

Mike was thinking.

Keeps walking around with my spin sword in my hand still looking and in pain.

*Em knew she was in pain and tried to hide it while training but she jumped on one foot and landed on her sprained ankle and fell to the ground in serious pain crying out*

Em are you ok Mike get out here now.

(In the other dimension)

Psycho red: Psycho green there is a ranger nearby in the forest...get the ranger now.

Yes psycho red with pleasure....

I'm fine help me up and don't get Mike.

Em he's the one who helped you remember.

*Still running around town looking for Lauren*

Mia help me up, tell Ant to check the forest and get me the pills.

Helps you up and sits you in a chair.

*Tries to hide the pain and lays down crying*

He's helped me but with me out your one ranger short so I'm useless now and he gets captured again I can't save him.

Hears What she said walks past her.

Mike get back here she needs you.

*A flash of green lightening strikes the ground in front of Lauren almost hitting her*

Hello red ranger we been expecting you...

Mia get me the pills please it's the only way the pain will ease and than I can fight.

*Looks at him agrily and tries to stand up*

Easy Em Hands you water and pills.

*Takes 2 and the water and stands up as the alarm goes off*

Mia we have to go help Lauren tell Ant to get to the forest fast, Ant go to the forest Lauren's in trouble were on our way.

Not again why are you here.

Walks to a park with my hood up.

Em please go talk to him you both need to talk.

No let him be I'm gonna help Lauren.

*Gets my samuraizer and morphs*

Go, Go Samurai,

*Morphs pulls out my spin sword and runs, limps to where Lauren is and sees Psy and Lauren*

Like you don't know.

*Sees the yellow ranger coming and shoots a green energy ball at her*

Stay out of it yellow ranger...

*Managed to block it*

Not gonna happen you hurt my friends you deal with me you freak,

*Limps at him and slashes with my sword*

Sits thinks.

Em stay out of this.

*Blocks and dodges with ease*

Yellow ranger you are no match for me.

*Laughs as she tries*

Leave her alone.

Shut up Lauren your in worse shape you shouldn't be here and you need to get a love life Psy.

*Slashes again*

Aww is the little ol red ranger worry I might hurt her precious yellow ranger

*Still dodging the attacks*

That's it..

*Shoots out a green energy web trapping the yellow ranger*

What is this stuff, Lauren call the others.

No you don't if you do I will destroy her.

*Makes the web get tighter*

Leave her alone Em i told you stay out of this.

*Still looking for Lauren I get to the forest and see Lauren and Emily*

Nooo....leave them alone.

*Runs and morphs at the same time*


Lauren I'm fine I should've took care of him when he took Mike.

*Tries to ignore the pain in my ankle*

Em give it a rest would you.

*Looks up and sees the gold ranger coming*

Oh look the gold ranger to the rescue...

*Shoots out a green energy ball at the gold ranger*

Leave him alone.

Make me once I get out of here your going down for hurting Lauren and taking Mike,

*I start to get in more pain from the ankle and start to passout*

Antonio, call Mike and Mia and get me out of here

*Passes out*

Runs to the park and finds Mike we gotta go Em kind of passed out.

No let her go. Runs to Them and runs over to Em.

*Dodges the attack and jumps up and pulls out my barracuda blade and start fighting with psycho green*

Mike just get her out and home she doesn't listen to me she's stubborn like you.

*Defends off the attack by the gold ranger*

Who do you think you are...

*Keeps blocking and dodging*

Antonio get Them out of here he's mine Go Go Samurai.

If you hurt him i'm destroying you.

Mike let them handle him get Em home now.

*Lays in Mike's arms*

I'm your worst nightmare...I'm the gold ranger.

*Jumps back*

And now you about to pay for all you have done...

*Puts my spin disk on and spins it*

Barracuda bite!!

*Slashes the psycho green*

Antonio please be careful.

*Absorbs the energy and reflect it back at the gold ranger*

That is the power I was looking for... didn't know the gold ranger was the one to have it I'm out of here.

*Vanishes back to my dimension*

What the...

*Takes a hard hit and falls to the ground and demorphs*

Take Em Mia back me up.

Just get her home.

Lauren please for once i know him i'm leader get them away from here.

No you get her home he's gone for now i'm leader not you Walks over to you Helps you up Are you ok.

*Moans in pain*

Wow that hurts...didn't know he can do that.

He can do anything Helps Lauren carry you back home gets to shiba house lays him on his bed and gets the tea ready for him Mike and Em.

Puts the warm rag on your head and icepack wherever you hurt and let's you relax walks out of your room back out of shiba house and goes for a walk again looking for him with my spin sword in my hand.

*Em still passed out on her bed*

*Looks around holding my head and chest*

Ow that hurts....hey guys where is Lauren?.

(Back in my dimension)

Yes just a little more power....

*Uses the energy I stole from the gold ranger*

Yes it worked...

*Out comes 5 energy forms*

Yes now to absorb your powers...

*The psycho rangers joins up with me making me stronger*

She went to look for him alone.


*Sits up quickly but falls back over*

Relax, I'm the only one who is healthy enough to search for her.

Keeps walking around the city still looking and waiting for him with my spin sword in my hand.

*Em still resting and still feeling sick as her ankle starts hurting worse than ever as she opens her eyes and looks around*

Mia, Mike anyone.

What's wrong Em.

Walks into the room after I heard Em with Mia.

I don't feel to good and my ankle is killing me it's like being pregnant but worse.

~Looks at Mia~

She hurt her ankle when she jumped out the window not sure how she got sick though.

Check her ankle to see if it's broken.

Em let me check to see if it's broken are you sick cause of the pain in your ankle.

If so then it might count for her getting sick too.

Yeah could be.

Let's check.

Ok how can you tell if her ankle is broken.

It will be swollen alright.

Can you put a splint on it to help it heal and I might also be pregnant but i don't know if i am.

*Reaches for a bucket and throws up*

We have a foot brace and wraps.

That means no fighting.


*Grabs for the bottle of water and rinses and spits*

Hmm let me think about it.

Em, no fighting or it will get worse.

Fine well wrap it and get me a crutch or 2.

We have 4 rangers you and Antonio can't fight.

So, wait Mia head to the bathroom and get that thing off the shelf.

You didn't even listen to Lauren when she told you to stay out of it Kev is second in command if you won't listen to her then listen to him.

*Heads for the bathroom and gets it off the shelf and brings it back*

Here Em.

Hey she needed help were samurai's we help.

Not when your hurting besides she had Antonio and Mike is not leader if he doesn't listen to her he's gonna get it again.

Calm down Mia.

Sorry i know he's worried about Lauren but we know she can handle it herself but if she needs help she will call.


Yup you know if she gets hurt worse than Em and Antonio your gonna have to take over.

*Em looks at her ankle and the test as she drops it*

Thanks Mia, Kev, how am I gonna tell Mike he's prob gonna flip.

Just relax for now.

He's right you can tell Mike when you want to it doesn't have to be now and i'm sure he will be happy and calm.

Easy for you to say.

*Sighs as I get up*

Mia can you give me another pill and the crutches please.

Hands you crutches and a pill and water.

*Takes the pill and drinks the water as I use the crutches and hops outside and sits down*

Mia can you ask Mike to come outside.

Mike get your butt outside Em needs to talk to you.

*Holds the test in my hand as I sit there*

Still looking around for him with my spin sword in my hand.

Over hears everything sighs thinks she got hurt cause of me go to think.

Goes to find him.

Mike where are you Em needs you she needs to tell you something it's good news actually she got hurt cause she was acting stupid.

*Em was still outside waiting she got up left the test on the bench with a note for Mike, and hopped out of the Shiba House and to the park*

Whats that.

She can tell you cause it's about you and her you will be happy.

What she hurt her leg.

Not that it's new really good news.

Shes upset at me.


Walks in Whats up Em.

*Em was on her way to the park when she walked to the bench she tripped and fell face first on the cement*

*still laying in bed resting I wake up suddenly and hollers out*

Lauren!!!! where is Lauren?

*Looks around and sees no one*

Where is everyone else?

Runs to the park see her helps her up.

*Sees him*

I'm fine just tripped, anyway I wanted to tell you the good news but I didn't know how to.

Looks in your eyes.

*Sits down and looks at you*

My ankle isn't your fault I jumped out the window thinking you weren't coming back and than Chad hurting me, anyway I'm pregnant.

Runs back to Shiba house and into Antonio's room.

I see.

Picks you up.

Mia come here.

Mike easy still a little nauseous, can we go back to the house.

Yea brings you back.

*We get back to the house*

Mike tell Mia to get me another pill.

Gets another pill hands it to her and goes back into Antonio's room.

Mia here.

*Takes it and lays down*

I need this ankle to heal so I can fight.

I'm trying to keep Antonio calm.

Rest Em.

What can i do to keep him calm.

Give him some tea.

I'm fine...I have a bad feeling that Lauren needs help is all.

Let's see if she can handle it first she is leader after all trying to protect us but mainly you.

*Looks at Mia, Mike and Ant*

What if he's gotten stronger how is she gonna fight him.

She can try remember she's like her brother.

Gets up.

I'm ending that psycho.

Mike let her try if she needs help the alarm will go off.

You have to trust her.

Its my fault you and her got hurt.

No it's not Mike I wanted to help Lauren and she got so pushy and called me stupid so next time she gets hurt and needs help let her handle it.

Wow Em rude much.

*Looks at her and gets up*

You know what I'm taking a walk.

*Grabs the crutches and starts to walk out of the house.

You both have to trust her she's trying to protect us at least give her that.

Mia so uncalled for.

If you both get hurt bad like Antonio she's gonna do this on her own.

*Looks back in the doorway*

Fine I'm not gonna be here.

*Throws my samuraizer at Mia and hops away*

Ant you sure you want to go check on her or just stay here.

Runs to catch up with Em.

*Hops down the sidewalk*

You ok.

*Sits down*

No I'm not why am I a ranger when she doesn't want help Jay would let us but no Lauren is not like her brother.

They are both stuck up.

Do you have faith in her or do you think she can't handle it Mike that was rude.

Yeah well at least Jay helped us train for this maybe I should just lock myself in our room and not come out til my ankle heals or i give birth which ever comes first.

*Leans into you and cries*

Shhhh it will be ok.

So what names should we come up with if it's a boy or a girl.

I don't know.

Ant can you stand or are you still in alot of pain.

Let's think.

Yeah I can stand...not only that I can fight.

*Sits up and attempt to stand but still hunches over holding my ribs*

You sure cause i know your ribs are hurting.

Can you carry me back please.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 4

(Back in my dimension)

Yes its ready.

*I enter into the green vortex and start absorbing the energy of the fallen 5 psycho rangers*

Psycho red: Psycho green what are you doing? no your suppose to help us....

*Psycho rangers scream as they begin to bond with me*

Yes its done.

*I come out the green vortex with a new look*

Let me see those samurai rangers stop me now.


Still walking around with my spin sword in my hand.

Now lets go test these new powers out.

*Goes back into the real word and starts blasting and blowing things up*

Yes humans run...run with fear.


Shows up and sees him This isn't good at all.

*Senses the red ranger*

Oh look the red ranger came to play...

I'm gonna destroy you for hurting Antonio no one touches him or the team but mainly him.


Oh really....are you sure you want to do this alone...red ranger.

Yes i can do this on my own you won't ever hurt him again.

Allow me to give you a simple of my powers.

*Shoots out a small discharge of energy causing a major explosion*

Mike leaves to go after him.

Your gonna have to much better than that.

Oh I'm planning on it...but I'm going to enjoy this...so that's why I'm going to take my time destroying you.

*Forms a green energy ball in my hand*

Here catch.

*Throws it at the red ranger*

Yeah good luck Gets hit falls to the ground gets back up and charges with my spin sword.

That's what I'm talking about.

*Gets ready to play defense*

Gets ready to charge with my sword.

*Attacks with my psycho speed but faster and stronger*

Tries to find them.

Tries hitting you with my sword.

Catch me if you can...

*Still running and using my new psycho speed to attack you*

Stands still and waits.

*Hides in the shadows and imitates your voice to call Mike*

Lauren's voice: Mike I'm over here I need your help.


That is really uncalled for.

I'm angry, show yourself.

*Still using Lauren's voice*

Mike hurry he's got me trapped....help!!!.

Finds you and charges at you hitting you with my spin sword Never do that cause i'm still here not trapped or hurt worse i will never be hurt worse i hate it when you imitate me that's a new low even for you Tries hitting you harder.

*Takes the hit but vanishes before you can strike again*

Says from a distance with my voice echoing: Lucky hit red ranger...that will never happen again .

*Laughs with my voice still echoing*

I know your here somewhere i will destroy you.

Runs were are you.

*Green.....ranger.....red......ranger says with my voice still echoing*

Keeps looking around trying to find him I know your here somewhere show yourself.

Mia, Antonio, what if he's playing games with them I need to go and bring Mike back here want to come with me.

We still gotta let Lauren handle him.

*Gets up and sneaks out the house without anybody seeing me*

I know but never mind stay here with Antonio I'm gonna find Mike.

*Gets up and uses the crutches to find him while hopping through the city*

*Shoots out a green electro discharge at the red ranger and another at the green ranger*

*Walks through the city and pulls out my samuraizer*

Mike where are you, are you alright answer me.

Is that the best you can do cause i don't give up that easily.

*Limps into the forest looking for Lauren*


Go Go Samurai spin sword were are you hiding.

*I told you red ranger I'm going to enjoy destroying you very slowly says and laughs with my voice echoing still*

Yeah not going to happen you will lose.

*Appears behind the red ranger grabbing her and throwing her into a vortex and then disappears and reappears behind the green ranger doing the same to him*

*Keeps trying Mike*

Mike answer me please,

*Tries hiding the pain and rubs my stomach*

Oh no you don't kicks him.

*Limps into the forest and stops to lean against a tree to rest and sees psycho green taking Lauren*


*Coughs and holds my ribs*

*Stumbles back and fades away....That's ok green ranger I have your leader says in a echo*

*Tries Antonio*

Antonio where are you and what's going on I can't reach Mike.

Show yourself.

*Coughs into the phone*

They are in the.....forest....but he got...her.

No please tell me Lauren is ok, what about Mike.

Mike.....is here......looking for him.....

*Appears behind the gold ranger*

Gold ranger we meet again..

*Grabs him*

Your coming with me.

Oh no I'm not..

*Kicks him away and morphs*


*Morphs but still holding my ribs*

No runs at him kicks him in the head.

*Em calls Mia*

Mia get to the forest hurry Lauren and the others are in trouble, Mike answer me.

Gets there.

I know Mike and Antonio are here but don't tell me he took Lauren.

I'm afraid so I'm on my way slowly but surely,

*Em hops a little to get to the forest*

Thanks Mike.

*Drops to one knee*

Mike you have to concentrate....remember what...Jay taught....you.

Do you think he took her so he can destroy her.

*Stumbles back and fades away laughing echoing*

I think so hurry Mia, do you still have my pills.

Yeah i brought you water too Hands them to you.


*Takes them as I get to the forest with her*

Go help them.

Tries to remember what Jay taught me.

*My voice echos out*

Enough rangers....green ranger...if you want to see your leader again...you and only you have to find me.....you know where I am...

*Laughs as my echo fades away*

Hits a tree.

Mike....he's still here....you have to focus and listen.

*Stands up right but barely*

Thinks focuses.

Walks over to him.

You ok.

*Some where in another part in the forest*

Red ranger....red ranger wake up...your not done yet....


I told you I'm going to enjoy this.

*Em sits against the tree with her foot out and rubs her stomach*

Mike please we need to find her and stop him once and for all.

Wakes up Yeah right i won't let you.

Mike has to focus...he can do this...after all he beat that nighlok who kept doing sneak attacks.

Stay here.

Runs to the other part of the forest.

*Looks at both Mia and Antonio*

You should be resting and shouldn't have gone out still recovering I have some pills for pain if you want them.

No I'll be ok...thanks Em.


*Sits there*

I hope he finds them were a team we all should handle him.

I'm sure she's fine she's strong like we all are you know she's trying to protect us especially you she really cares about you and she didn't like it when you got hurt.

*Detects the green ranger coming near*

Shhhh red ranger we have company.

*Fades away into the shadows*

Yeah but doing this alone is what he wants he wants to destroy her and than the rest of us, I'm gonna go and follow Mike and watch.

Em if you go he will detect you and hurt her none of us want that.

No allow me....you can't move to quick....so I'm going.

*Runs with a limp behind Mike in the other part of the forest*

Em how is the baby doing.

Stays alert.


Umm ok I guess can you stay here and wait for them I need to go back to the house I'm not feeling to good.

Sure take the water and medication with you some of her tea is there too.

*Contacts Mike*

Mike I'm here with you buddy for support.

*Leans against a tree*

I'm good I'll just have tea.

*Gets up and starts to walk back to the house*

If Mike asks tell him I had to lay down.

Don't worry i will tell him.

*Smiles and starts to leave the forest and head back to the house, i walk in and get some tea and heads for the couch and lays down and calls Mia*

Mia anything yet.

Nope not yet how are you feeling.

Blah not to good with the ankle and baby I'll be throwing up alot don't worry bout the mess, try and get a hold of Mike or Antonio without giving away there location and hope they bring her back with them so we can all take him on together.

I know Lauren will clean it up she always does.

Nah I'll clean it up it's to gross just hope they get back ok, keep me posted.

*Hangs up and crawls to the bathroom but it ends up on the floor*

You know Lauren loves cleaning up not for her they will the one i'm worried about is Lauren not sure what he will do to her.


I'm sure she'll be ok I wish we could help.

Mike and Antonio are there even though he's still in pain but she might be worse than him.

Maybe, umm I just threw up a little on the bathroom floor it's mostly the green tea I just drank and umm a little blood.

Blood from what.

I don't know.

You gotta find out.

How can you come back here, just tell them that were at the house.

I'm coming back i will call them and tell them.

Runs back to the house sees you.

*Cleans the floor and sees you*

Mia in here.

You sure your ok.

Yeah can you help figure out where the blood is coming form.

Sure your not supposed to cough that up.

No it just might be a spasm hopefully not from the baby or something.

Hmm you never know.

I know but we have to find out could just be from what I ate or something cause if I lose this baby he'll be upset I can't do that to him.

*Starts to cry*

It won't be your fault.

I know.


How do we find out.

I don't know.


Ok hope so.

We will figure it out.

I know I'm kinda tired.

Get some rest.

Can you stay with me til they come back.

*Falls asleep*
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 5

*Still waiting for the green ranger to show up*

Red ranger....soon you will witness the destruction of the green ranger....and if that gold ranger gets involved....he will meet the same sticky end.


*Em was sitting down with Mia rubbing her stomach*

Mia you should go help Mike and Antonio I'll be fine, my ankle feels fine.

I'm never letting you destroy my team you already hurt Antonio i won't let you do it again.

*Still following along with Mike while leaning against different trees*

I'm still here buddy...I got your back.

I know your ankle is fine but how's the baby.

Ok I think she/he is ok go help them I'll be fine.

Ok if your sure do you need anything.

Ha ha you won't have a choice red ranger....

I always have a choice i know they will defeat you cause if they don't and you hurt them i will destroy you myself.

No I'm good I can get it myself if I have to go help them and be careful.

I'm always careful Kev isn't here unless he's training.

Probably is but I'll help if you need it just go I'll be fine.

Leaves the house and goes to help them sees Antonio.

Are you sure your ok.

*Senses the gold ranger near*

Oh look no green ranger...but I have the gold ranger near.

*Laughs as he vanishes and appears in front of Antonio*

*Sees Mia but sees psy green*

Mia we have company.

*Gets ready to fight*

*Sees the pink ranger as well*

Lets see if I can get 2 for the price of one...

*Shoots out a green energy ball at both rangers*

Mia watch out.

*Pulls out my baracuda blades and dives in front to block the hit but falls after blocking the hit*

Are you ok helps you up We have to be careful.

Yeah I'm fine....just took alot out of me to block that hit....he's strong.

Yeah he is but we don't want to end up like Lauren we have to do something.

Ha ha....gold ranger is going to be easy to destroy

*Starts to walk towards him*

Yes I know....but whatever we decide we better do it fast...because here he comes.

*Points to him*

We have to do this together and get her back hope she's ok.


*Gets into position with my barracuda blades*

*Em waits a few minutes and goes and drinks water to stay hydrated and than sneaks causiously into the forest and stays back a little bit and watches without being seen and rubbing her stomach and whispers*

I'm here if you need me.

Gets my sky fan ready I hope we can do this together even though your still hurt.

Don't worry about me...I'm still golden and ready to take this clown down.


Oh you think your fine...you won't be much longer.

*Charges after both pink and gold*

Let's do this together it's only the two of us for now.

*Em walks a few steps more and stays hidden wondering how Lauren is doing and knows they need help but is also thinking of her baby and how the others and Mike will react if she fights *


*Uses my psycho speed and attack both pink and gold*

*Em sighs and watches as Antonio and Mia get hurt*

I got this...

*Counter it with my back slash*

Your not the only one with that speed.

*Stands there like I didn't move*

Gets up and watches.

*Em quietly walks over to the tree close to Mia and whispers*

Are you alright.

*Gets knocked back*

Wait whats this...how could this be...

You under estimate the gold ranger....I still have enough strength to do this...

*Uses the back slash technique again and stops still standing there like I never move*

*Takes the hit and falls*

Maybe I should of been concentrating on you instead gold ranger.

*Gets up and shoots out a green energy blast*

Hydro Bow!.


Oh no not again...

*Attempts to block the attack again*

Mia we have to help them I'll be right behind you.

*Gets hit by surprise*

Ahhh....where did you come from.

Antonio need any help?.

Em your pregnant you can't fight but you sure you can stay behind me.

Yeah sure can buddy.....

*Drops to one knee after blocking the blast again*

I'm sure glad to see you.

I'm fine Mike isn't gonna be happy with me if I do this, I'll check on Antonio,

*Walks over to Antonio*

Ant you alright you took that hit again why.

Heard you guys needed help.

*Grabs sword*

Blue ranger you surprise me for the last time....

*Summons the dark forest sphere*

Ha ha...try this on for size....dark forest vortex.

*Circles the sphere around and fires at the blue ranger*

Oh boy.

*He gets hit*


Move Em....Kevin

*Runs over to Kev*

I'm fine Antonio I'm gonna teach him not to mess with my friends.

Em if he hurts you or the baby Mike isn't going to be happy.

That hurt.

*Shakes head and gets up*

I'm okay Antonio.

*Nods at him*

Team work to bring him down.

I can't sit back and watch you all get hurt not even Lauren and Mike isn't here so it's not like he'll stop me.

Just be careful Lauren is not here i'm getting worried i know Antonio is worried.

*Notices the yellow ranger*

Yellow ranger...you came.

*Summons the dark forest vortex again and aims at the yellow ranger*

Not gonna work on me this time you Psy freak.

*Pulls out my earth slicer and blocks it*

Hey leave her alone!.

*Runs towards him with his sword*

Right behind you Kev.

*Runs after him with my barracuda blades*

Mia we have to find Lauren, Antonio I'm gonna go and see if I can find Lauren.

Over and under Antonio.

*Jumps over Psy Green and slashes him*

Want me to come with you.

*Slides under psy green slashing him as well*

Please if I get hurt Mike is gonna go postal,

*We go and look for Lauren*

Lauren where are you.

Nice one Antonio!.

Still sitting there waiting but trying not to fall alseep again.

Em if we go find her one of us is gonna have to tell Antonio.

*Takes the 2 hits*



Nice try rangers.

*Gets up and summons the dark hydro bow*

Hey blue....my turn from earlier

*Fires at the blue ranger*

Mia let's split up if we find her call out, I'll do it let's go.

What how?.

*Gets hit and falls*


We have to hurry maybe she can help fight him too after all she did hit him a few times.

Kevin!!! how you do that.

*Looks at him*

I don't know she might not respond.

*I run to the left*

I looked to the right but don't see her.

*I keep going and think I see her*

Mia I think I found her meet me by the opening in the middle of the forest.

Like this gold ranger.

*Summons the dark barracuda blades*

Gold your turn.

*Hits the gold ranger with barracuda bite*

We have to get her cause he can summon dark weapons to match ours.

What the...

*Takes the hit*



Kev how is it that he has copies of our weapons.

I know if he does I'm in trouble,

*Sees her*


*Runs to her and tries to wake her up*

Lauren wake up.

Let's hope she can fight him cause i know Antonio and Kev are in trouble.

To match us cause the weapons are worthless against us.

*Gets up weak*


Thanks to that black box of yours....I have all your technology of your weapons.

We have to help them.

*Calls Antonio*

Antonio how fast can you get to me and Mia were in the middle of the forest.

I can go back and help Kev.

But something you don't have Psy. Our wits.

*Gets in fighting stance again*

Alright I'll stay here with Lauren,

*Grabs a bottle of water*

Lauren here drink this,

*Opens the bottle and helps you drink it*

Runs back and helps Kev.

Are you sure your ok.

I'll be right there Em...Kev I have to go help Em.

*Runs towards the middle of the forest*

Gotcha. I'll hold him off as much as i can.

*Nods at him*

Let's do this together.

Lauren help is on the way stay with me.

*Lays her on my lap and sits with her*

I may not have your wit but I'm still stronger than you rangers.

Ready Mia?

*Looks at her*

I'm always ready i know Lauren wants to fight him too.

*Sees Em*

Emily I'm here.

*Runs over to her and Lauren*

Lauren...you found her...what happened to her.

I don't know she's not responding I gave her water but she's about to pass out we need to get her back, can you get her back I have to help Mia and Kevin.

Well let's hold him off till she gets here.

Mia double blade i get him from the back and you get him from the front.

*Changes into a green energy form and streak past them on the other side*

You missed me rangers....you will not get me with that trick twice.

Oh no!.

We have to hold him off as much as we can.

I'm fine i can fight him too.

I have an idea Mia we been using weapons we need to outsmart him.

Yeah sure can....be careful Em.

*Picks Lauren up and runs her back home*

I will Mike is gonna kill me for this,

*I run and pull out my spin sword*

Hey guys need any help.

Ok Lauren.

*Puts Lauren down*

Lets go help them...you might want to ranger up.

*Sees them and looks at him*

Hey Psy freak did you miss me.


You can't rangers....

*Sees the yellow ranger*

You back for more.

Em please be careful he copied our weapons.

How do we fight him if he copied our weapons.

Maybe and I'm stronger than ever.

*Rubs my stomach and than waits*

I'll be fine, come and get me freak.

*Summons dark earth slicer*

Yellow ranger lets see you try this on for size.

*Summons dark seismic fury fires at the yellow ranger*

*Tries to block it with my earth slicer but goes a few feet and hits a tree*

*Shows back up with Lauren*


*Sees Em trying to block the attack*

*Sees them*

Are you sure about this Lauren.

*Holds my stomach trying to block it*

*Laughs and does seismic swing again with more power*

Hold on Em...barracuda bite.

*Hits psycho green with my barracuda bite*

Walks over to Em and helps her sit down by the tree.

I'm gonna stay with you we wouldn't let him hurt the baby.

My turn Ant i'm gonna try this move which he can't copy Has the double fire smasher and charges at him Blazing Storm Attack Hits him hard with the double fire smasher.

He's just to strong Mia I tried holding him off.

Well there is one weapon he can't copy.

Let's hope it works.

It should work.

*Gets hit by the gold ranger first*


*Then sees the red ranger coming*

Give me your best shot...

*Tries to block the attack but gets hit hard into a tree*


*Falls and gets up smoking*

Ok rangers no more mr nice psycho green....

I just hope it worked not sure how much she can do when she's hurt.

Hey psycho green...didn't your mother ever tell you to never smoke.

*I get up and pull out my earth slicer*

You ready for more of me psy green long haired freak.

If he hurts you or Antonio i'm destroying him.

*Staggers to my feet*

You rangers are finished....

*Shoots out a blast in the crevest opening up the neither world letting out the Moogers*

Aa ha ha you rangers remember them....Moogers attack.

I'll be fine,

*Uses my earth slicer and attacks the Moogers*

Seismic swing and hits the ground and air knocking them all*

You guys handle the rest of them I'll go for psy green, Go Go Samurai.

Not all of them again Starts fighting them.

Oh no these things again...I thought we was finish with them after Master Xandred was destroyed.

Yeah i thought we did too.

Ha ha ha ha....later power geeks


Oh no he's gone but he left them behind...

*Keeps fighting the Moogers*

*Stands there just looking where he was and hits the ground as I power down*

I should've fought him instead.

*Looks over at Emily and notice Moogers behind her*

Emily stay down....

*Unleashes Barracuda Bite destroying the Moogers around Emily*

Em he will be back would you mind fighting Moogers there are alot of them i will fight him myself when he comes back i still have the double fire smasher which he can't copy Tries standing but winces in pain getting weak demorphs laying on the ground.

*Sees Lauren laying on the ground*


*Unleashes barracuda slash destroying the Moogers around Lauren and runs over next to her*

*Em fights the Moogers and sits down*

Did I do something wrong for Mike to hate me.


I'll see you guys back at the house.

*Walks out of the forest and back to the house*

Opens my eyes I'm fine i can still fight him.

Are you sure....because I think I can handle them....but I guess I could use the help seeing how Em left it to us to fight them.

*Keeps fighting the Moogers*

Mia is still here she can fight Moogers i want green psycho cause i still have double fire smasher.

Yeah but he's gone....

*Slashes a few more Moogers*

Keeps fighting Moogers.

*Em back at the house drinking water and laying on the couch sighing and feeling the baby kick as she says*

I miss your daddy and I know he misses me to,

*Lays there and cries after I throw a glass at the wall breaking the glass*

I know but i can handle him Gets back up and morphs again looking around for him and waiting.

Well before we worry about him we need to get rid of these things first.

*Performs my back slash...taking out Moogers like I'm not moving*

That's you not me i still have my double fire smasher.

Gets my fan out.

Air wave hits the Moogers destroying them.

Well since you have the double fire smasher...use it all ready so we can go home to get some rest

*Still slashing and fighting the Moogers*

Something doesn't feel right to me.

Finishes the Moogers destroying them.

*Slashes the last few*

Mia is that all of them....

*Stands there breathing heavy while holding my barracuda blades*

Yes that should be all of them i don't see anymore.

*Looks over at Lauren*

What were you saying about something doesn't feel right.

I don't know but he disappeared really fast when they disappear fast you know what happens.


He never left he's still here hiding.

Well let him hide like the coward he is and we get back to the house to rest...because I sure am beat.

You are me not so much.

I am too should we head back.

*Em was still sleeping on the couch*

Lets...come on Lauren let's go back home.

I will go ahead while you two walk together on the way home.

Walks over to you That was the longest battle ever.

Yes I agree.

*Powers down*

Let's hope we never have to do that again Powers down.

Yeah we can only hope.

*Starts walking home with you*

I know but we all need to get some sleep.

Yeah I agree....

*Holds your hand as we walk*

I guess Mike, Em, Kev and Mia are already sleeping.

Yeah I guess they are.

Yup but who is cooking breakfast tomorrow morning.

Probably Mia like always.

Or you can she did go to cooking school.

All the more for her to continue cooking.

True but your also a good cook to.

I'm good at cooking fish....nothing more nothing less.

You did grill hamburgers on the grill.

Well it isn't hard lol.

There are 2 things your good at cooking fish and hamburgers on the grill lol.

*Em woke up to head for the kitchen for a glass of water*

Was in my room sleeping.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 6

(Appears at the Sanzu River)

Ah the neither world is still here...and so is Master Xandred's ship...maybe there might be someone on that thing to help keep those meddling rangers busy while me and the green ranger finish what we started.

*Streaks on to the ship*

Now where is everybody.

*Sees Octoroo sobbing over losing Master Xandred*

Hey nighlok...

Octoroo: What? and who are you?

Why I'm Psycho Green and you must be Octoroo...I heard about you...wasn't you the master's right hand general of his army?

Octoroo: Ooo ah ooo yes I was....whats it to you? and before you ask the answer is no....

All I want from you was a nighlok to keep the other rangers busy while me and the green ranger finish our battle once and for all.

Octoroo: Well in that case I can help...the river is still crawling with nighloks waiting to fight those rangers but they have no way out to fight them...but you can help with that I seen that you summon the moogers and helped them cross over and if you can do that for them you can do it for the nighloks...

Yes I can bring any creatures over to the real world with me and I can even summon them as well...so do you have a creature in mind?

Octoroo: Yes his name is Nakinakite....he can steal the dreams and desires from all the kids putting them in a sadness state.

Thats perfect...summon him...now.

Octoroo: *Goes to the edge of the boat and snaps fingers summoning Nakinakite*

Nakinakite rise.

*Nakinakite rises up out of the river and on to the ship*

Nakinakite: Who dares to summon the great Nakinakite?

That would be me....without your master nighlok you can't go to earth and feed on the kids dreams and hopes you need me and I need you what you say want to work together.

Nakinakite: Yes you get me to a park and I will do the rest...those rangers will wish they never destroy the master.

Yes destroy all the rangers except....the green one....he's mine.

Nakinakite: As you wish...

*Goes back to earth with Nakinakite*

*Em was outside playing her flute and training hard to help fight Chad Psy Green to stay away from and destryoing Mike*

Wakes up walks outside and sees Em.

*Sees Mia and stops flute as I almost hit my fists*

Sorry Mia didn't hear you come out.

I was really quiet.

Yeah just training hard to see if I can keep Chad from hurting Mike I can't lose him so I'm training, how's everyone else.

Good but Em i know Chad wants to destroy him but Lauren is fed up with him but there might be someone else besides him maybe a monster and Octoroo might want to seperate us from Mike so psy green can destroy him didn't Antonio come back.

Was walking around the city in the park relaxing behind one of the trees to myself stupid green psycho always wanting to destroy Mike i am so fed up with him he's gonna pay for hurting Antonio i will make sure of that even if it means i get hurt more than before.

He should be in his room, I'm not letting them separate us from Mike not while I'm still here.

Remember still have Lauren too.

I know, can you get me some tea I'm gonna train some more.

Gets some tea puts it on the table pours some in a cup sits down and watches.

*Wakes up early to go fishing to try to relax*

*Trains hard hitting the dummy and feels the baby kick and looks at Mia*

Mia, want to feel the baby kick.

Walks over with a cup of tea hands it to you feels the baby kick.

*Appears in a park feeding on the kids happiness and attaching leeches on the parents to take their happiness*

Ha ha that's right humans....give me your happiness.

*Sees and hears the cries*

I wonder whats going on over there.

*Packs up my stuff running towards the commotion and sees a nighlok attacking the humans*

I got to do something...*Runs out from around the corner*

Hold it right there nighlok.

Oh look the gold ranger...your happiness is going to make a nice trophy for me and psycho green.

Not if I destroy you first...

*Pull out my samuraizer*


Ha...this is going to be easy....

*Tries to deploy the leeches on the gold ranger*

Gets there morphed Did i miss something.

*Jumps out the way and jumps up slashing the nighlok*

*Blocks the attack and counters by hitting the gold ranger with my club*


*Gets knocked back all the way to Mia*

Oh hey glad to see you here...this nighlok is tough...he's stealing peoples happiness.

If he steals ours then Mike or Lauren would be the only ones left.

Enough with the chit chat...now give me your happiness.

*Shoots out the leeches at the pink and gold rangers*

*Em sits down knowing it won't be long til the baby comes as she heads to the fight*

Mia look out.

*Pushes Mia out the way taking the hit*

What is this...

*The leeches start sucking the happiness from me demorphing me*

Antonio are you ok please don't let Lauren see you like this.

That's one down...and one more to go...

*Attacks the pink ranger with my club*

I feel so sad.....

*The leeches start to grow*

*Em sees Antonio down and sees Mia and whispers*

No I have to help them but I can't Mike isn't here to fight so I have to and be careful not to hurt the baby, he'll kill me if I do also knowing she can't morph.,


Ant what is going on why didn't you call me.

Blocks the club with my spin sword.

Em the nighlok is taking peoples happiness he even took Antonio's Lauren isn't going to be happy.

Well I can't do anything about that it's Nighlok meaning whoever is happy won't be for long.

Ooh...the yellow ranger is here....I want your happiness.

*Shoots out the leeches at Emily*

You know psy green wants to destroy Mike that's why he sent the nighlok here.

Uses my spin sword throwing the leeches from Em.

Mia, Mike isn't here and I can't fight like this i can't morph my suit won't fit.

Why didn't I call my friends....

*Still feeling even more sad the leeches double in size making it hard for me to get up*

Don't tell me your almost due if the nighlok takes your happiness you and the baby won't be happy.

What do you want me to do sit this one out while he takes people's happiness.

Gets there and sees Em, Mia and Antonio runs over to him helping him up and taking him away from the battle Antonio what did he do to you.

*Looks at Mia*

Mia thanks for helping back there but I should head back it won't be long til I'm due.

Yeah until the baby is born then you can fight.


Can you keep an eye on Mike if he fights Chad Psy Green.

*Gets helped up but then falls back down under the weight of the leeches*

I should never had come...

*Still feeling sad the leeches gets bigger*

Sure i can i always will cause he will have to be there with you when the baby is born.

Shoot I forgot if he gets hurt than he won't be able to help me.

*Starts to cry a little as I head back to the house*

Antonio look at me you had to help that's what we do we help people.

The red ranger is here...your happiness will make the most valuable trophy of them all...

*Looks over at the gold ranger*

He's no use to you....soon those leeches will crush the man you call the gold ranger and there is nothing you can do about it.


*Calls Lauren*

Get him back to the house I'll try and help him.

*Still feeling to sad to look up the leeches grow more*

I don't think so that is never going to happen Helps him up with the help of Mia and brings him back to the house.

Em how are you gonna help him.

*Sees him*

I don't know anyway I can.

How do we get the leeches off him.

I don't know I'll try something just be careful.

I will and i know Lauren will too she doesn't want him to stay like this.

You can't rangers....not without destroying me.

*Shoots out the leeches at the red ranger*

Give me your happiness.

I'll take care of Antonio just destroy the freak.

I don't think so Uses the double fire smasher throwing the leeches away.

I'll get you next time...

*Disappears into the cracks*

If Kev and i get hit with the leeches then Lauren is gonna be the only one who can destroy him cause if she gets them no one can stop him i remember she defeated Fiera on her own maybe she can defeat him on her own too she has her spin sword and double fire smasher.

Goes for a nice long walk thinking of a way to defeat Nakinakite on my own so Antonio can go back to normal i hate seeing him like this i have to defeat him like i did with Fiera but i also hate Chad for hurting Antonio and trying to destroy Mike No one messes with my team when i'm here don't care what happens to me i protect my team.

Antonio tell me how I can get them off you.

*Doesn't answer still feeling to sad and the leech grew triple in size*

We have to try until Lauren can destroy the nighlok.

Ant power down so I see how far they've gotten,

*As Em waits for Antonio she just paces back and forth worried about Mike*

Keeps walking around looking for Chad and thinking how to destroy the nighlok so i can get Antonio back to normal i hate seeing him like this.

*Calls Mike*

Mike please be careful fighting Chad Psy Green, I don't want you hurt cause Ant is out of comission cause of leeches that grow when he gets more depressed thanks to the Nighlok, Mia protected me from getting depressed but if Mia, and Kev get it Lauren's the only one who can destroy the nighlok but no one will help deliever our baby if you get hurt as welll as the others.

*Appears back in the city stealing more kids happiness*

Ha ha ha...give me your happiness and tears....Master Xander would be proud of me if he was here....

*Vanishes leaving the kids crying and the adults stuck under more of the leeches*

Em don't worry i'm sure Mike will be fine.

Still walking looking for Chad and also how to destroy he nighlok so Antonio can go back to normal Hang on Ant i'm gonna try to destroy the nighlok and get you back.

*Still laying there upset*

This....thing...is heavy.....

*Looks at Antonio*

I'm gonna destroy that nighlok pregnant or not snap out of it.

*Smacks him*

Em Lauren is gonna destroy that nighlok if you get hit with those leeches your out.

I don't care Mike never cared about me or the baby, I'm gonna find Chad and beat his butt.

~Leaves to look for the nighlok.

Em that's not true he's happy about that i'm gonna go with Kev try to get through to Antonio.

Just be careful and find Lauren and get her back here to stay with Antonio cause I'm leaving to take a walk.

Waits outside for mia~

Becareful Em ~Says to himself.

Walks outside.

Ready to go but if she gets hit with those leeches and we get hit Lauren is the only one while Mike fights Chad.

All I'm doing is taking a walk maybe clear my head heading away from the battle.

We have to be careful.

Yeah but you have faith in Lauren she has the double fire smasher.


*Em gets up and walks outside and heads off in the opposite direction to the park*

Let's go find that nighlok.

Nods then starts to run.

Follows behind you.

Stops as I reach the block corner.

*Appears in the park taking the kids happiness and putting leeches on the adults*

Ha ha ha soon all the happiness in the world will belong to the nighloks.

We have to be careful.

What way?

Mike sees him and kicks him into a tree.

Listens for the nighlok.

*Em is sitting in the far end of the park listening to the screams and hides as she calls Kev and Mia*

Mia, Kev the nighlok is in the park taking kids happiness and placing leeches on adults.

Answer's the call then looks at mia~

The park.

I'm staying away I don't want anything to happen to me or the baby.

That's where Lauren me and Antonio were the first time he got hit with leeches.

Let's go but be careful.

Right Walks with you holding your hand.

Holds yours as we walk.

If we get hit it's all up to Lauren.


*Em stayed away and waited for Mia and Kev to show up*

We arrive at the park.

Still looking for Chad I knoe your here somewhere.

Ah the power rangers....I was expecting you.

*Shoots out more leeches at Kevin and Mia*

Chad I'm here face me one on one.

This is what i warned you about.

Uses my sky fan and throws the leeches back.




I....have to.....help......my friends.....I have......to....remember.....the good times

*Starts thinking about all the fun and good times while doing so the leeches are loosing size*


Mike please be careful.

Hey Em why are you here.

Ha ha ha....foolish humans.

*Sees Lauren*

I came to watch Mike go help Mia and Kev with the nighlok I'll help Mike if he needs it.

I think Antonio is on his way.

Kicks Chad Psy Green.

You should help them if they get those leeches your the only one who can help them.

*Blocks the kick and hits the green ranger with my club*

*Watches and covers my eyes, and whispers*

Be careful.

I know but i think he found a way to get rid of the leeches besides i'm fine Holds my arm in pain but gets my double fire smasher and goes behind him hitting him hard.

No your not Lauren go help them I'll stay here in case he needs help.

Goes down but gets up.

*Watches quietly*

Hey green ranger....I have a surprise from psycho green...here you go.

*Shoots out a blast launching leeches at the green ranger*

Em i didn't think he could do that.

Me either I can't loose him I need him happy for me and the baby cause I can't wait any longer.

*Takes the hit from the red ranger after sending out the leeches at the green ranger*

Ahh...red ranger where did you come from...

I'm full of surprises.

*Em sits down near the tree not wanting to find out if he's unhappy and whispers to the baby*

Daddy will be ok don't worry.

Doesn't matter...soon you will be joining the gold ranger and the green..

*Fires another blast of leeches at the red ranger*

I don't think so Uses the double fire smasher and hits the leeches back.

*Shows up out of no where kicking back the leeches from Lauren*

I got here as soon as I was able to beat those leeches....guys the leeches aren't stealing the
happiness from us its trying to bring out the unhappiness out in order to keep us down....once I realized that I was able to beat the leeches but now we have to get the kids happiness back...

Kev and Mia are fighting the nighlok why not go help them and use your barracuda bite i can stay here with Mike and help him with Chad Psy Green.

*Em gets up and runs back to the house and looks for her sister*

Serena are you here.

*Serena walks out and sees Emily*

Hi baby sis what's wrong.

*She looks and has Em lay down*

Alright this is it I'll help deliver the baby while your husband is fighting.

I hope so Serena I don't want him hurt and I can't wait any longer.

*Lays down and puts my legs up and starts pushing*

*Serena helps her and has her continue pushing til the baby comes out*

*Keeps pushing and relaxes after I hear the cry*

Serena is she ok.

Yes Em she's fine you did great just rest for a bit.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter 7

That won't hold her.

~Mike gets a towel and cleans up the tea~

I didn't even try Mike can handle her better than I can so what happened where are the others.

Kev and Mia are handeling the Moogers.

*Em looks at him*

I think Micha needs a nap and I need my samuraizer.

~Mike grabs her samuraizer~

you can't go yet.

Where's Serena.

*Em tries getting up*

She is with the others until your ready.

~Mike hands her the bowl of soup~

I'm not hungry I need to help I can't lose her.

*Cries in Mikes arms*

~Mike holds her~

She will be fine Em.


I know think you can help me in the tub I want to take a bath but don't have the strength.

~Mike helps her up~

Em, if you can't get up on your own just yet...what good will you be to the others?

Fine I'll stay in bed but can you stay with me.

Lets get you into the bath ok.

I'm still sore I don't think the water will help.

Alright, what would you like to do?

*Kevin is fighting Moogers with Mia*

I want you to stay with me I can't even get up to walk.

The birth took alot out of you but i'm always by your side.

I know can you just lay with me I don't want to lay here alone.

Sure ~Lays next to you~

*Takes your hand*

~Holds your hand~

*Lays my head on you*

I'm sorry I know I'm not strong.

Your strong Em

~Holds you~

No I'm not that monster and Chad were to strong he hurt me and than if Mia hadn't stepped in I would've been badly hurt.

You are strong, They just got the best of you.

Your just saying that but it's true I couldn't fight Chad when he had you and wanted you alone to fight him.

You are strong, stop doubting yourself.

I tried to reason with him but he kinda got to me.

You can't reason with that guy.

Nope guy is strong.

We have to beat him somehow.

I wish I knew how he only wants to fight you your the one who has to bring him down.

I don't know.


I want to teach him a lesson.

Maybe we can together.

~Mike smiles~

*Smiles back*

I know I'm still weak but I'm gonna teach him a lesson never mess with my green ranger no one impersonates him and lives.

Let's wait til your fully recovered.

I'm fine I'm gonna put Micha to bed in his crib.

*Gets up*

Yea let's go help Serena.

~Watches her~

*Walks over and picks his sleeping body up and puts him in his crib with his teddy and smiles*

I love you little guy.

*Kisses his head and closes the door as I grab the monitor holding onto the wall*

Mike, Lauren I need help.

~Mike jumps up and runs to her fast~

I can't keep my body up still just feel tired and weak but we need to help my sister and the others eventually.

~Helps you back into the bedroom~

I'm with you no matter what.


Thanks I have the monitor in case he wakes up.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 8

Nakinakite: So gold ranger you figured it out....but doesn't matter soon you rangers will be finished.

*Fires another blast of leeches but they get knocked back by Antonio and Lauren*

Nakinakite: Your lucky I'm drying out...when I come back all you rangers will be finished.


(Back at the Sanzu River)

Nakinakite: Master I almost had those rangers but the golden boy ruined my plan as well did the red ranger.

Psy Green: Yes I know but don't you worry I have a plan on how to separate those 2 for good.....but first I have to go.

*Stumbles away from the nighloks disappearing back to earth as my human self*

Chad: *Falls on the ground holding my head*

Whoa...whats going on and how did i end up here.

*Looks around*

I'm supposed to be with the team practicing...

*Runs towards the pool but on the way he runs into Antonio while he was fishing*

*Gets bumped into*

Hey watch it pal....

*Looks up at Chad*

Hey you look familiar....I think I saw you from somewhere before.

*Looks at Antonio*

I don't remember....well I got to get going I'm late for practice and Kevin is going to kill me if I don't show up.

Wait a minute did you just said Kevin? that's it that's where I know you from...I seen you swim with Kevin on the same Olympics team...yeah you better get going before he gets even madder.

*Steps aside*

Thanks man...

*Walks by but then drops to my knees*

Ahh..whats happening to me...

*Sees Chad dropped*

Whats going on...

*Tries to help Chad up*

*Pushes Antonio away*

No don't touch me...

*Starts to glow green transforming back to Psy Green*

Wait a minute...it was you...Kevin isn't going to like this.

*Tries to contact the others*

Hey guys..I just found out who is psy green....

Oh no you don't gold ranger.

*Starts to attack*

*Defends off the attack and hides behind a crate*

Guys psy green is....is.

There you are.

*Fires a green energy beam trapping the gold ranger in another dimension*

Thats one down and one to go.

*Laughs as I disappear back to the Sanzu River*

Whoa...where am I?

*Tries to contact the others but no signal*

I'm completely cut off just the way he wants it....I hope you find me guys before its to late...

*Looks around for a way out*

Walks to the pier to find Antonio but doesn't see him but doesn't notice that i accidently dropped my shodophone keeps walking around trying to find him Maybe he's by the train tracks don't worry hun i will find you if not i know the others will Makes it to the train tracks looking around but doesn't see him I'm sure he would have been here he couldn't have just disappeared unless oh no Psy green wanted to seperate us i swear when i see him i will destroy him myself no one seperates us and gets away with it.

Guys we have to find a way to get Antonio back i have a bad feeling about this i know he was trying to tell us something about psy green but he disappeared anyone know how to get him back from where ever he is and find out what he was trying to tell us about psy green.

*Emily and Mike were resting*

Mia let's go back to the house I can see if I can find him.

Ok i hope Lauren is ok she really loves him and doesn't want anything bad happening to him.

*Appears at the tracks and falls to the ground*

Ow my head....everything is spinning.....and how I get here....I was suppose to be.....

*Passes out*

Don't worry go check on Em and the baby please.

*Serena grabs the laptop and starts searching*

Walks over to him and tries to get him to wake up Come on please wake up.

*Starts to come around*

Wha....what....who....ow my head.

*Sits up*

You passed out and were in alot of pain mainly your head are you sure your ok.

Uhh....yeah...I think so....I just need to get to practice....

*Tries to get up*

Here let me help you up Gives you my hand.

*Pushes you away*

No don't....get away from me....

*Rolls around on the ground glowing green then I leap to my feet transforming back to Psy Green*

Ha ha ha that's better....puny human.

Oh no how is it possible i don't believe it you have been human the whole time i guess Antonio figured it out why are you here anyway no one seperates me and him and gets away with it.

Just like no one separates me from my hosts....and now you know...so now you must be eliminated.

*Fires a green beam at Lauren trapping her*

Good luck with that you will never destroy me or my team just wait til i get out of here if you hurt him I will destroy you.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 9

Ha ha ha good luck with that...now to bring the others here but first.

*Waves my hand making you disappear*

Now the rangers...

*Fires a huge blast at a building*

Serena please keep trying we need him back especially Lauren i know she's worried about him.

*Serena uses her laptop to find him and calls out*

Mia, where's Lauren I tried her shodophone but not getting an answer.

I don't know that's why we need Antonio back he's the one who can find her.

*Em heard her sister and got up and changed her clothes.

*What's going on guys.

I'm working on it Mia you don't think Psy Green got her do you, Em how are you feeling.

*Fires a blast of energy scaring the humans*

~Kevin walks inside just as the alarm starts going off~

*Em walks over to the map as the sensor goes off*

Psy Green is back, Serena work on getting Antonio's location, Mia, Kevin let's go.

Yeah he's always trying to seperate them just get him back.

Are you ready for battle Em?

*Serena works hard on her laptop*

Kevin is right you still don't look to good, stay here with Mike if Kev and Mia need help Mike and I will go, Kev call Mike.

Let's not let him try that with the rest of us.

I'm fine let's go you ready guys.

*Keeps attacking the city*

*Serena looks at them*

Guys I'll call you when I find him and Em if you can't do this Mike will bring you back and I'll go fight with them, Mike take care of her if she gets sick bring her back.

We all have to be careful i just hope she can get Antonio back.

Mia, Serena knows what she is doing, I'll be ok sis.

Well, We better get going.

*Uses psyco speed attacking and breaking everything*

*Serena continues to work on her laptop*

We have to figure out what Antonio was trying to say about Psy green.

*Em walks outside the gate as she morphs as they appear in the city*

Hold it right there Psy Green.

*Turns around*

Yellow ranger...I was hoping to see the rest of you rangers to the rescue...

Parties over..

They'll be here where is Antonio and Lauren.

*Em looks at him as she tries to keep on her feet*

Em are you sure you should be here your still recovering.

*Serena watches from the house*

Oh no she's not alright,

*Serena types faster and finds him and calls Kev*

Kevin, Mia, I found him you guys have to get past Psy and use your weapons towards the empty sky.

Not so fast rangers....I have a proposition for you.


~Kev answers~ Our weapons at the sky, Kev looks at Mia~

Ok but Em shouldn't be here Kev since Lauren isn't here your leader.

~Kev nods~

We have to stop him and open a portal.

Your puny weapons won't work...only I can bring them back so you have no choice but to listen to my proposition.

*Em pulls out her weapon*

We don't want to hear what you have to say.

Ok try it your way....but just to warn you if you fire your weapons in the sky you might harm your leader.


Good bye rangers....

*Starts to walk away*

*Mike pulls his spin sword*

Not so fast.

*He then runs at Psy*

Mike be careful, Mia, Serena can find a way to not hurt them.

Don't worry about me, Just try to get them free.

~Kev looks at Mia~

What do you think.

Green ranger....you might want to put the sword down as a matter of fact you might want to look up.

*Reveals Lauren trapped on the tracks*

Rangers have 3 mins...you can either follow me to save the golden boy or you can go save your leader...but only one can follow....the choice is yours.

*Walks away disappearing in a nearby passage way*

I don't know i mean do we try it and hurt her or do we get Antonio back first.

What if we split up.

*Em half runs towards Psy but stops as she drops her weapon and falls to her knees and cries*

This is my fault.

*Mike walks back to Em and hugs her~

No it's not.

Mia, Kev, go help Antonio, Mike we can go help Lauren.

*Em hugs him back*

Yes it is.

Let's follow him Mia.

*Mike helps Em up to her feet*

Mike you need to hurry towards the tracks, Em you need to get back here fast.

Ok let's get Antonio back maybe he can get Lauren cause i know he's worried about her and she's worried about him.


Thanks, I'm fine sis,

*Em falls against Mike*

*Mike holds Em up*

Are you ok?.

*Em powers down*

No I'm not but I want to teach Psy a lesson.

You stay here with them, i'll go after him.

*Calls Mike*

Mike get her back here she's bleeding, Kev hurry Lauren doesn't have much time.
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Default Re: Power Rangers Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai Chapter: 10

~Kev runs off after chad~

Just get Em back home i will stay here and wait.

*Mike answers*

Alright, Em let's get you back home.

Can you carry me I can't even move.

*Em cries against him*

*Mike picks her up and carries her home*

Kev when Antonio gets free tell him to get to the pier she dropped her shodophone.

Got it.

*Serena sees them*

I knew she wasn't ready, the others can handle it, stay here with her I have to make her lunch and feed the baby as well as Gabby.

*Appears in spirit form*

Rangers time is wasting...who dares to come save the golden boy and who will stay to save your leader.

*shows a clock with 2 minutes left before the train hits her*

Times is running out rangers....

*Fades away*

*He takes her to her room and lays her down*

~Kev summons his hydrobow~

Serena, Where is the spot i aim.

Right where you are a few feet away from the trees.

Psy green's voice: Just enter the passage way blue ranger....your golden boy don't look to good.

*Em lays there and takes Mike's hand*

I'm sorry, I guess I'm useless.

*Em cries as she hands Mike her samuraizer*

~Kev enters through the passage~

Your not useless, your very strong.

*As Kevin enters the nighlok comes out*

Rangers remember me....

Kev watch out, Mia get to the tracks and stay with Lauren, Kev defeat psy green and rescue Antonio.

Your just saying that to make me feel better, Serena went to make lunch, Mia and Kev are rescuing the others and your here with me when you should be helping them.

Serena is he closer to Antonio cause i can see from here she's fine for now i can tell she misses him.

I'm here cuz your here, the others are fine.

Mia Antonio is a few feet from them tell Lauren help is on the way,

*Serena contiues to watch as she gets the kit and lunch*

Mike can you help clean her she 's bleeding from tearing the sticthes.

*Em cries against him*

I love you I so want to go after Psy.

*Mike gets some warm soapy water and starts to clean Em up*

I love you too, I know.

*Serena hands him the kit as she places her hand on his shoulder*

You know how to sew up a tear right.

*Mike looks up at her*

Of course.

*Em winces a little bit as it hurts*

*Mike stitches up the wound*

*Em lays back*

I'm sorry I thought I could help.

*Em cries*

*Mike finishes then washes the area*

You did all you could Em.

*Serena smiles at them*

Once you get your strength back you can help but right now you need rest, the kids are fine Mike can rest with you if he wants but you need to eat.

Keeps watching and hoping Antonio is ok.

I'm not hungry.

*Em lays on her side*

*Sighs then lays back with her*

*Em cries silently*

*Mike hugs Em*

Mia use your weapon to blast a few rocks to seperate Lauren from the train I'm, on my way, Mike please don't let her get up I'll be back.

*Em takes his hand*

I'm sorry for all of this.

*Mike holds her*

It's ok, i'm by your side no matter what.
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