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Default Calling All Bloggers/Webmasters!!! Need Co-Bloggers!!!

Hey there, I've been a fan of Marvel Comics/DC Comics/Power Rangers and sentai for over two decades. I have created many websites about Power Rangers as well as blogs on sentai and more. They have been discontinued for a while now.

I know it may not seem like much but my most successful blog which I had for over four years gained over 480,000 hits. It was a small scale blog and for such an effort and gain I am pleased. 1000 hits a day in the last 9 months of its existence. I canceled it because I felt there was nothing more I could do with it. it was my best work.

Now I have material for some blogs but I can't seem to get them off the ground. I created sentai and Power Rangers blogs before but I can't get anymore off the ground. I have material for Marvel Comics blogs, DC Comics blogs, TV and movies, not necessarily the comics as I don't follow comics anymore, just the TV shows and movies.

I need writers and/or partners for my blogs. I have reviews and such, for the past 4 and a half years but I am like a rolling stone with them. I create the same blogs everyday trying to perfect them. I know that it's not necessary but I am restless. I need writers or partners, people to network with and work with to make my blogs get off the ground. Can anyone here assist me? I badly need the help. You guys are my last hope.

I'll create the WordPress blogs and give you access and we'll work together. You'll have a lot of say. Power Rangers and Super Sentai blogs too as well as Spielvan and Metalder. I've reviewed all but one episode of Spielvan, 43 episodes.

Link me and we'll do a blog for Beast Morphers and Power Rangers from MMPR to Dino Charge. I hate Ninja Steel and its two seasons though. I also want to do something for Sentai 2019 or have an all in one blog/site for PR, Sentai and all Japan related content and another blog for DC and Marvel or one for DC and another for Marvel.

Just email me and we'll start as early as 6:30 this evening Florida time, Wednesday December 12, 2018. Email me and we can get started. I have some of the material. You'll get privileges too. Serious bloggers only. vectorspiral@gmail.com

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Default Re: Calling All Bloggers/Webmasters!!! Need Co-Bloggers!!!

i'm sorry to post this, but I won't be able to help you with your project, Chuck. I'm too busy with my job and life to help you.
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